GOLD: Wendy Wilson, Gail Crompton, Anne McClure, Valerie Jackson with Henselite's John Newell

Announcing the new State Fours Champions!

by jgrey on May 16, 2022

What a day at the State Fours Championships! Congratulations to the NEW State Fours Champions Wendy Wilson, Gail Crompton, Anne McClure and Valerie Jackson (women) and Michael Breen, Jason Carpenter, Chris Rosanes and Aaron Hewson (men).

Held at Broadbeach today, players were happy to experience some clear weather after playing in soggy conditions over the last few days.

The women’s gold medal match was contested between Wendy Wilson, Gail Crompton, Anne McClure & Valerie Jackson and Suzanne Kington, Debra Handley, Sandra Burgess & Jenny Hearn. While Wilson’s team started off strongly with 4 shots after the first two ends, Kington’s team started hitting back early and the players got to 9-all halfway through the match. From there it looked like Wilson was on a winning streak after gaining 3 shots in a row on the 14th and 15th end, but Kington’s team responded with her own double set of threes on ends 16 and 17 making the score a close 16-15 to Wilson. The last four ends were a seesaw with the eventual close result 19-18 to Wilson.

In the men’s gold medal match, it was Bradley Lawson, Nick Cahill, Steven Tong, Aron Sherriff vs Michael Breen, Jason Carpenter, Chris Rosanes, Aaron Hewson in what was always going to be a pressure cooker. Sherriff and Cahill were out to win, aiming for a double win for Sherriff (after winning the State Triples with Cahill) and Cahill (after winning the State Mixed Pairs with Kelsey Cottrell and State Triples with Sherriff). Hewson’s team wasn’t going to allow the match favourites an inch, and started off strong until Sherriff’s team took 4 shots bringing the score to 7-5 to Sherriff. Hewson’s team kept on, reaching an 11-all in the 12th end, Hewson’s men already having dropped two, three shot ends. It was a close continuation of ends, with the question of “will there be another end?” on everyone’s lips. Hewson’s team dropped another couple of 3s, getting to 19-15 Hewson on the 18th end. Sherriff was determined to end on a high and very nearly made it after climbing one-by-one until the 21st end but it wasn’t enough and Hewson took the title at 19-18.

The women’s bronze medal match saw Ann Russell, Brenda Balchin, Liz Walton, Yvonne Lovelock vying against Lynda Brownen, Fay Whittaker, Denice McLean, Debbie Dalliston. Brownen’s team gained a solid lead from early on, but Russell’s team pulled out a 6 on end 15 but it wasn’t enough to gain enough momentum other than lifting the score to 17-10 to Brownen. Not to be outdone, Brownen’s team played 6 shots in the 20th end leading to a winning result of 26-13 and claiming the bronze medal.

The men’s bronze medal match between Alan Law, Michael Lewis, Ian Law, Gary Andrews and David Breed, Chris Monk, Justin Weir, Ryan Wiegand was looking to be a winner for the Law team right from the beginning, with Monk’s men trailing about 10 shots behind for most of the game. By the 17th end, the gap started to close but Law’s team came out tops with the bronze medal after defeating Monk 19-15.

Thanks to Henselite for sponsoring the State Fours.

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