The Great Lady of Woodgate Bowls

by bqmedia on June 6, 2022

By Lesley Christensen

Gloria Newby came to Woodgate with her husband Mark in 1993, after purchasing a holiday
cottage in the town, then retired in Woodgate in 1998. Originally from Auckland, they came
over in 1981 settling in Rockhampton. Gloria worked as a cosmetician and then trainer for
cosmeticians throughout New Zealand. In Australia, Gloria worked in pharmacies in the
beauty and vitamin area. On retirement, Gloria commenced bowling in Woodgate.

Gloria has always been a keen competitor, singles, pairs and fours, she’s won them all! She
was Junior Vice President in 2000 then Senior Vice President, before becoming President in
2005 and again in 2012. She was also a club coach with Barb Thompson for several years
after playing for only two years. Gloria was awarded her Life Membership earlier this year as
the last official event of the Ladies Bowls Committee before the amalgamation with the men’s club.

Gloria often refers to herself as “The Little Old Lady” but I think she’s the “Great Lady” of Woodgate Bowls.