Official opening of new green

Babinda Celebrates New Green

by bqmedia

By Ron Omodei

Babinda celebrated the ‘official opening’ of their new green on April 9, hosting a mixed team of FNQ clubs from Silkwood to Marlin Coast. The Marlin Coast team of Steve, Eddie, Paul & Robbo were close winners over the TFNQ team headed by Mal & Jan.

Prior to the new green, the club had been without a green or income for two months. The needle punched carpet was ordered in mid-June 2021, with a three- month expected delivery from the UK. COVID delays added to the extended delivery time and it eventually arrived in Brisbane in December.

The team commenced work on December 8 and removed the 14-year-old synthetic green, installed extra drainage, renewed the plinths and laid the 100mm bonded aggregate and fine sand levelling. After 10 hard days of work they departed, expecting to return early in the New Year to install the under pad and the beige/ green playing surface.

However, extreme wet weather down south cut off main roads and delayed the return of the team until 24 January. Heavy rain in Babinda during this time caused some subsistence, and extra sand fill and levelling was required. Max and Carl were then left to complete the job, experiencing some very humid weather, extremely hot on the day of stretching the carpet!

Eventually, the job was completed on February 4 and we could play bowls again!

L-R: Eddie Blythe, Steve Vidgon (seated), Paul Cavendish & Robbo (Nev Robson)