A coaching course was held at Bongaree Bowls Club in May with BQ coaches Alan “Thorpy” Thorp & Eric”Ecka”Tomsene and assistance from Bongaree Club Coach Rod Curtis

Why are performance reviews important?

by bqmedia

By Alan Thorp

It is a well known fact that top athletes in all sports perform, display or use seven skills, actions or processes to attain excellence in their sport. This is also the case with lawn bowls.

For this publication of the Queensland Bowler, I have chosen to focus on the seventh skill, which is performance review.

Why have I chosen performance review? Mainly because after being involved with the State District Sides, State Championships and the Australian Open, I viewed it as an important time to have a look at performance review.

Reviewing our performance in today’s environment is often a discussion over a few drinks after the game. Generally, the discussion doesn’t include much dialogue about the game itself especially at individual, club and district level.

If we really want to be successful and learn from our experiences, we need to sit down and genuinely review our own performance either in a team or in an individual game.

An effective performance review will:

  1. Increase confidence;
  2. Provide goals for training sessions;
  3. Assist in providing strategies and tactics for future
  4. Minimise the damage from a poor performance;
  5. Increase team culture and harmony;
  6. Maintain the importance of members owning the

Good Performance

  • Win: Remember strategies and tactics
  • Lose: Review strategies and training program – motivation to work harder.

Poor Performance

  • Win: Review for improvement
  • Lose: Review, set new goals and then forget performance.

A performance review is undoubtedly a contributing skill or action process that should be used to gain excellence in bowls for individual performances or during team play. Therefore, consider the following statements:

  • Debrief after every game, as each game is played under different conditions of play, venues, weather conditions and the type of game varies;
  • Accept constructive criticism as this will allow you to cope with winning and losing, develop trust and enhance team culture;
  • Never be afraid to admit if you didn’t play well, as this will enhance team cohesion and respect thus contributing to team building and ownership;
  • Learn from critical incidences during the event;
  • Learn from your mistakes and record them for future reference;
  • Teamwork: The performance review provides a great opportunity to openly discuss and reset the values of the group. Never be concerned about revisiting previously set values.

It is imperative that an effective performance review is conducted for both individuals and teams. It will enhance your bowling skills and lead to more consistent and optimum performance and good bowling.


Ultimately, the skip has the final call. An option could be for the skip to ask a player to walk up to the head and discuss any options. If the the skip does not agree, the player must follow the skip’s instructions.

Sunshine Coast District Coaches were kept very busy with an Advanced Skills Session, with 16 bowlers attending the day at Palmwoods