Final medal winners of the 2022 QLD Multi-Disability Championships announced!

by jgrey

Congratulations to the new Multi-Disability State Champions!

  • QBBA Pairs: Gold: Jake Fehlberg (Bargara) Dir Grant Felhberg (Bargara) & Chris Backstrom (Newfarm) Dir Jocelyn
  • Physical Impaired Men’s Singles: Gold: Clive Williams (Boonooroo)
  • Physical Impaired Women’s Singles: Louise Hoskins (South Johnstone)
  • Life Stream (Intellectually Impaired) Pairs: Darren Jackson (Helensvale) & Brian Hampson (Jindalee)
  • Hearing Impaired Pairs: Russell Jackson (Airlie Beach) & Barry Lynne (Mareeba)

Since 2011, Bowls Queensland in partnership with Sports Connect has run the Multi-Disability State Championships with the following categories:

  • Hearing Impaired
  • Vision Impaired (QBBA)
  • Life Stream
  • Physical Impaired

Day 4 (Thursday, 18 August) was the final day for the bowlers to stake their claim with five gold and five bronze medal matches played. Competition was fierce but like other matches in this event, the friendship and camaraderie remained strong.

QBBA Vision Impaired Pairs

It took a little while for Jake Fehlberg and Chris Backstrom to warm up into the game, scoring 4 shots on the third end. Saul Calikes and Fred Tarry replied with a 1 shot to their existing 3, making it 4 all by the fourth end. From there, Jake and Chris kept on climbing, ending with a 5 shots on the fourteenth end, bringing the score to 19 against Saul and Fred’s 9, thereby securing the gold medal.

Jake said after the winning game, “It was a good win, I was confident going into the game as we have had a good result over them before. But we still had to get the job done. As always, thank you to my Director, Grant Fehlberg”.


Gold Medal Match: Jake Fehlberg & Chris Backstrom 19 def Saul Calikes & Fred Tarry 9

Medal winners

  • Gold: Jake Fehlberg (Bargara) Dir Grant Felhberg (Bargara) & Chris Backstrom (Newfarm) Dir Jocelyn
  • Silver: Saul Calikes (United) Dir Chris Mudd & Fred Tarry (Solander Lakes) Dir Dennis John
  • Bronze: Vanessa Hinton (Enoggera) & Scott Kinnear (Proserpine) Dir Shane Kinnear (Proserpine)
2022 State Multi-Disability QBBA Pairs Champions L-R BQ’s Denis Kirkman, Gold Medal winners Director Jocelyn, Chris Backstrom, Jake Fehlberg, Director Grant Fehlberg & BQ’s Kerry Green.
Congratulations to the 2022 State Multi-Disability QBBA Pairs Champions! L-R BQ’s Denis Kirkman & Kerry Green, Silver Medal winners Director Dennis John, Fred Tarry, Saul Calikes & Director Chris Mudd.
2022 State Multi-Disability QBBA Pairs Champions! BQ’s Denis Kirkman, Bronze Medal winners Director Shane Kinnear, Scott Kinnear & BQ’s Kerry Green. Absent from photo for pairs bronze winner was Vanessa Hinton.

Physical Impaired Men’s Singles

In the gold medal match, there were slow gains made by both players right up till the seventh end when the scoreboard hit a 5-all result. From there, however, things turned around for Clive Williams. He kept on notching up the points keeping Grant Atherinos steady with a score of 5. In the end, Clive claimed the gold, defeating Grant by 16 points, with a final score of 21-5.

Cooper Whitestyles breezed through his game against Terry Little to secure his bronze medal, barely letting Terry in at all and claiming the bronze with a tidy win of 21 to 3.

Clive Williams was thrilled to be a gold medal winner. During his speech, he thanked Club Chermside and the club team for hosting the event. He was very appreciative of all the workers whose many hours of effort made the day a success: umpires, markers, greenkeepers, other volunteers and the live streaming team. Grant was much happier with his game today than he was with his play on Tuesday, and felt happy to be rewarded with his silver medal.


  • Gold Medal Match: Clive Williams (Boonooroo) 21 def Grant Atherinos (Wellington Point) 5
  • Bronze Medal Match: Cooper Whitestyles (Souths Suburban) 21 def Terry Little (Solander Lake) 3

Medal Winners

  • Gold: Clive Williams (Boonooroo)
  • Silver: Grant Atherinos (Wellington Point)
  • Bronze: Cooper Whitestyles (Souths Suburban)
2022 State Multi-Disability Physical Impaired Men’s Singles Champions L-R BQ’s Kerry Green, Cooper Whitestyles (bronze), Clive Williams (gold), Grant Atherinos (silver) with Ray Sawyer (representing Councillor Fiona Hammond – Marchant Ward).

Physical Impaired Women’s Singles

Annette Goldsworthy started off the gold medal game by scoring a 3 on the first and second ends, but Louise Hoskins was ready to reply with a 2 and a 3 of her own. It seesawed for the next few ends until Louise forged ahead and took the game by 10 shots with a final score of 21-11.

Both Louise and Annette said that it was a good game, but it was hard to win or lose when you are playing against a good friend. They were just very happy for each other and to win gold and silver between them was very special.

In the bronze medal match, Debra McGarry was on a roll and defeated Dionne Farrow by 18 points with a score of 21-3 and only 9 ends played.


Gold Medal Match: Louise Hoskins (South Johnstone) 21 def Annette Goldsworthy (Burnett) 11

Bronze Medal Match: Debra McGarry (Burrum Heads) 21 def Dionne Farrow (Algester) 3

Medal winners

  • Gold: Louise Hoskins (South Johnstone)
  • Silver: Annette Goldsworthy (Burnett)
  • Bronze: Debra McGarry (Burrum Heads)
2022 State Multi-Disability Physical Impaired Women’s Singles Champions L-R BQ’s Kerry Green, Debra McGarry (bronze), Louise Hoskins (gold), Annette Goldsworthy (silver) with Ray Sawyer (representing Councillor Fiona Hammond – Marchant Ward).

Life Stream Pairs

Both teams in the finals game started the first two ends on par, but it didn’t take long for Darren Jackson and Brian Hampson to pick up their game with a 4 in the fourth round. From there, the team kept scoring with only a small bit of resistance from Alan Duffy and Glen Holmes in the twelfth end where they managed to score just 1 shot. Darren and Brian claimed the gold medal game with an easy 13-4 win.

In the bronze medal match, it was a close match between Carla Pizzi and Kaye Freeman against Bruce Smallbon and John Stuart. Carla and Kaye played steadily until the fourth end and had a total of 7 shots to their names while Bruce and John only had 1 shot. Things looked as if they were about to change after Carla and Kaye maintained their score of 7, while Bruce and John kept climbing for the next three ends. The teams took turns in building their shots until it was a close win of 13-12 in Carla and Kaye’s favour.

Brian was delighted to be a part of this event and in particular, very happy to win today with Darren Jackson. He wanted to thank all the support teams who made the day a success.


  • Gold Medal Match: Darren Jackson (Helensvale) & Brian Hampson (Jindalee) 13 def Alan Duffy (Chermside) & Glen Holmes (McKenzie Park) 4
  • Bronze Medal Match: Carla Pizzi (Noorla) & Kaye Freeman (Cleveland) 13 def Bruce Smallbon (Noorla) & John Stuart (Holland Park) 12

Medal winners

  • Gold: Darren Jackson (Helensvale) & Brian Hampson (Jindalee)
  • Silver: Alan Duffy (Chermside) & Glen Holmes (Mckenzie Park)
  • Bronze: Carla Pizzi (Noorla) & Kaye Freeman (Cleveland)
2022 State Multi-Disability Life Stream Pairs Champions L-R BQ’s Kerry Green, Carla Pizzi & Kaye Freeman (bronze), Brian Hampson & Darren Jackson (gold), Alan Duffy & Glen Holmes (silver), Gordon Heselwood & Rod McLeish (bronze) with Ray Sawyer (representing Councillor Fiona Hammond – Marchant Ward).

Hearing Impaired Pairs

Robyn Riddell and John Price were consistently scoring until the sixth end when they had 8 shots on the scoreboard. But from there, Russell Jackson and Barry Lynne took over and climbed straight to the 24 by the fifteenth end to claim the gold medal, while Robyn and John remained at a score of 8.

It was a close call in the bronze game, with a steady climb from both teams until the sixth end. From there, Gordon Heselwood and Rod McLeish flew ahead with a number of runs on the board. Not to be outdone, Pamela Branton and Linda Corey fought back, scoring a 4 on the thirteenth end, bringing the score to 19-17 in Gordon and Rod’s favour. Pamela and Linda scored another one, but it wasn’t enough and Gordon and Rod won the day by 2 points, with a final score of 20-18.

Barry Lynne said, “It was fantastic, I really enjoyed the game. It was lots of fun and I hope to be back again next year”.


  • Gold Medal Match: Russell Jackson (Airlie Beach) & Barry Lynne (Mareeba) 24 def Robyn Riddell (Victoria Point) & John Price (Victoria Point) 8
  • Bronze Medal Match: Gordon Heselwood (Maryborough) & Rod McLeish (Maryborough) 20 def Pamela Branton (Tweed Heads) & Linda Corey (Headland Pacific) 18

Medal winners

  • Gold: Russell Jackson (Airlie Beach) & Barry Lynne (Mareeba)
  • Silver: Robyn Riddell (Victoria Point) & John Price (Victoria Point)
  • Bronze: Gordon Heselwood (Maryborough) & Rod McLeish (Maryborough)
2022 State Multi-Disability Hearing Impaired Pairs Champions L-R BQ’s Kerry Green, John Price & Robyn Riddell (silver), Russell Jackson & Barry Lynne (gold), Gordon Heselwood & Rod McLeish (bronze) with Ray Sawyer (representing Councillor Fiona Hammond – Marchant Ward).

Congratulations to all players and a big thank you to all spectators who cheered for their favourite bowlers. A special mention must be made of 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games athlete Serena Bonnell, who wasn’t playing in the championships, but was a big support to the players during the event.

Thank you to the Brisbane City Council and Kedron-Wavell Sports Club for their support along with host clubs Club Chermside and Northern Suburbs Bowls Club.

Also, thank you to the match committee, live streaming crew (Gold Coast Tweed District), umpires, markers and club volunteers.