Div 1 Winners L-R: Lucas Evans, Hayden Oster & Hayden Leslie

Glasshouse Country Bowls Club Junior Carnival

by bqmedia

The Glasshouse Junior 2-bowl triples Carnival held in June was a great success with 48 juniors enjoying two days of spirited competition on the green.

This was originally a pairs competition converted to 2-bowl triples following confirmation that many players missed out with 16 teams of pairs quickly filling the allotted numbers. Consequently, every nominated pairs team was contacted by me and asked to obtain one more player so a 2-bowl triples comp could be held. Can I take this opportunity to formally thank the six juniors who were eager and willing to fill the void at such short notice and their families/friends who were also willing and able to get them there.

The event was conducted in perfect weather conditions, with round robin competition in four divisions of four. Overall, we paid prize money to 10 of the 16 teams.

Guess what???? There were NO losers, all were winners for attending and taking part. Congratulations to ALL participants.

Special mention must go to the two seven-year-olds who admirably displayed sportmanship, ability and manners well beyond their years. The two were Jabih Khan and Steven Bird-Monk. Also, special mention to Keala Nukunuku (Beenleigh Bowls Club) who was a last-minute capture and at 10 years of age has a very bright future in bowls. Please keep up the great work and Practice Practice Practice, Keala-you will make it!!

Also, a special mention to the six juniors who travelled back and forth each day to Toowoomba. A big thank you to Luke Day for organising the juniors and their parents. There are many more stories and recognitions that have not been able to be addressed here, however, a wonderful event was enjoyed by the kids and the many adults who attended or watched on live-streaming.

Just a quick advert for some Junior carnivals coming up soon:-

  1. Pine Rivers Bowls Club-Junior carnival 17th-19th September
  2. Burnett (Bundaberg) Bowls Club 24th and 25th September
  3. Paradise Point Bowls Club 1st and 2nd October.

Also, Sunshine Coast District Men’s Bowls Association is organising a very special Junior/Senior carnival (tentative dates 17 & 18 December) so look out for more information coming through for this event.

Anyone who wishes to participate in any or all of the abovementioned, please contact the relevant clubs or myself, Bill Tumbridge at 0411 645 040 or billtumbridge@bigpond.com

Contributed by Bill Tumbridge with photos by Kerry Lappin

Div 1 Winners L-R: Lucas Evans, Hayden Oster & Hayden Leslie
Div 1 2nd place L-R: Riley Gerick, Trent Brehmner & Cody Gerick
Div 1 3rd place L-R: Ty Jesberg, Chloe Runge & Kye Butler
Div 1 4th place L-R: Jack Chirgwin, Caysee Wilson & Clancy Biggar
Div 2 Winners L-R: Todd Brain, Cooper Sutton & Brodie Carter
Div 2 Runners-up L-R: Keala Nukunuku, Ayden Bartz & Brayson Brererton
Div 3 Winners L-R: Ben Harrison, Ehan Khan & Sam Collier
Div 3 Runners-up L-R: Bryce Jaret, Wyatt Martin & Thomas Bremah
Div 4 Winners L-R: Josh Williamson, Alex Oster & Jabir Khan (front)
Div 4 Runners-up L-R: Xavier Parkinson, Jada Porter & Marley Reeve