L-R: West’s representatives Graeme Wockner, Heather Browne & Larry Taylor with South’s representatives Phil Schultz, Kelly Cassidy (Club Toowoomba Mgr), South’s Gina Hawkins & Glenda Jeans

Ashes Test at South Toowoomba

by bqmedia

After South Toowoomba Bowls Club (Souths), sold their bowls club to Club Toowoomba and West Toowoomba Bowls Club (Wests) sold to the St Ursula’s college adjoining their club, they both made Club Toowoomba their home venue.

It worked well; however, there was a small problem. There wasn’t any room for their honour boards in the club rooms. They decided to digitally record the honour board, burn the oldest one from each club and place the ashes in a friendship trophy the two clubs had played for in the past. The ‘Burning Ceremony’ was originally held on Friday, September 10, a week before the first test of “The Ashes”.

Souths Tigers won the first test. However, the Wests Lightning were determined to win the second test this year, played on September 17. With 72 bowlers on the greens, everyone enjoyed the day – a great meal, good weather and the camaraderie.

Wests Lightning struck, Souths Tigers were tamed and The Ashes is now held by West Toowoomba for the year ahead. Congratulations Wests – bragging rights are yours. The sharing of the Club Toowoomba venue has worked very well, with very few hiccups. Both clubs are building their membership numbers and Club Toowoomba has been motivated to keep all their members happy, so the venue is a bustling hive of activity.

Contributed by Rod Scollen

The Wests squad after a hard fought victory
The Ashes trophy