Friendship Day at Maroochy

by bqmedia

Club Maroochy women have proudly commenced a monthly ladies’ morning bowls activity in memory of Martie Pettifer, who sadly passed away in July 2021.

The aim of the Martie Pettifer Friendship Day is to bring together first-time bowlers from our coaching clinics, new members and experienced bowlers within our club.

We see this event as a way to encourage our bowlers to promote new friendships and build confidence to play in a wider array of bowls events.

For many years, Martie was the Vice President of the bowls committee, where her ability to introduce and include new bowlers was exceptional. It could be said she was the ‘glue’ that brought our members together, new and old, and she is sadly missed.

Martie used to encourage everyone to enter our club championships. So many experienced bowlers today would have Martie to thank for encouraging them to give it a go and build new friendships within the club she loved.

In the spirit of Martie, our ladies are enjoying the club select triples concept and are happy to gain and impart bowls knowledge and etiquette to each other.

As coaches and organisers of this event, we hope to bring forth emerging, active club players and prospective club champions of the future, while fostering a wide array of players to represent our club at all levels.

Contributed by Sue Liddelow & Jill Guthrie