Storm of form at State Juniors

by admin on April 7, 2016

Eight state titles in seven days, the prestige Singles gold medals going to Jessie Cottell, Shane White, Zayah Morgan and Nicky Cahill. It was an exciting finish to State Juniors 2016, with a number of improvers and new faces ousting the favourites in finals. (Pictured from left, Singles gold medallists and state title holders Zayah Morgan, Nicky Cahill, Jessie Cottell, Shane White. Photos and story Naomi Cescotto)
In today’s gold medal matches, Broadbeach dancer and last year’s U15 Singles champ Jessie Cottell, 15, was the first to finish, defeating home crowd favourite and current Australian U18 singles champ  Sophie Young from Capalaba, 21-6.
“It was a goal I set myself, to win U15 last year and U18 this year, I’ve worked really hard, lots of practise, three or four times a week,” Year 10 student Jessie said.
Jessie thanked her parents, friends supporting her at the tournament like Jess Srisamruaybai and Bradley Lawson, and her coach Greg Bostock, “my biggest support”.
Jessie said one of the most helpful things she had learnt from coach Greg, also a Queensland selector, was the “golden rule”: “If you haven’t got shot, draw second shot.” (In other words, minimise your losses.)
Silver medallist Sophie said she had been busy with study this year and hasn’t been playing as much bowls.
(The current U18 national singles champion has not made herself available for selection for this year’s QLD team to defend QLD’s U18 national title, due to her studies.)
The U18 Boys Singles final was a much closer affair than the girls’ final, with Helensvale bolter Shane White scoring three on the last end to win 21-18 over 2015 Australian U18 champ Jacob Nelson from Belmont.
The U18 Boys SIngles win made it an impressive tally of THREE STATE TITLES this year for 15 year old Shane, who moved up to Queensland from Tasmania less than two years ago, in July 2014.
At his first Queensland junior state championships last year, Shane got a creditable runner up silver in the Boys U15 Singles, but it was a very different story this year, after the past 12 months as a Helensvale Hawks protegee.
As a baby Hawk, Shane has been able to count on some of the best training in the business, from Helensvale Jackaroos Lynsey Clarke and Brett Wilkie, and Anthony Kiepe.
The Year 10 student known as “Shorty”, who also likes basketball, has been playing bowls for eight years.
He is a fifth generation bowler, his dad Adam White is at Helensvale, and his grandfather Kevin and great grandfather Harry bowled at Penguin (near Burnie, TAS) Bowls Club, and his great great grandfather also bowled.
“Definitely bowls is about the family connection for me,” Shane said.
“Getting from runner up Singles in 2015 to three titles this year has been all about hard work really, rolling up with bowlers like Lynsey Clarke and Anthony Kiepe a few times a week, you improve, it’s been amazing.”
Newcomer Zayah Morgan from host club Capalaba is the new U15 Girls Singles state title holder with a gold medal win 21-7 over Stephanie Pratt, who can go back to Suburban Townsville proud of her Silver medal.
Zayah had a tougher time in the semi, winning by only one shot 21-20 against Emma Hossack from Toowong, who had to be content with Bronze.
Zayah too has her story: Her family’s house on Russell Island burnt down recently and she was wearing borrowed clothes and using borrowed gear to be able to compete in the U15 Girls Singles competition.
Zayah’s grandfather “Poppy” Denis Morgan from host club Capalaba loaned her his bowls, bowling cousin Kalib Morgan loaned her his shorts and shoes (Zayah’s mum Debra and Kalib’s mum Jacinta are twins).
It was Zayah’s first tournament ever, having signed up to play social bowls on Saturday mornings at Capalaba about four months ago, through her Poppy, after the fire took their house and the nearby Russell Island Bowls Club closed for two months for maintenance.
Nobody was prouder than Poppy Denis to see 11 year old Year 7 student Zayah succeed and win the U15 Girls Singles title.
“He cried on my last game,” Zayah said.
The U15 Boys gold medal final was the toughest match today, with Belmont’s Kane Nelson and Bargara’s Nicky Cahill slugging it out shot for shot.
Gold finally went to Nicky (“Snickers”) 21-17 to the delight of supporters so far away in Bundaberg, willing him to go back to back, and be selected in the Queensland team (Tick to both).

It was tough for silver medallist Kane Wilson to miss the call up for the Queensland squad, while bronze medallist Jake Rynne from North Dalby maintained his place in the squad.
“I felt like I stayed focused, kept my head down, Kane played some amazing bowls, but I fought back,” Nicky said.
After 14 ends, it was 10-10, after 23 ends, it was 15-15, and after that, Nicky ground away shot by shot to 20-15, putting him in pole position.
Kane came back to score two on the 28th, to take the score to 17-20, but it was too late.
On the 29th end, Nicky only needed one shot and he got it, securing back-to-back U15 Boys Singles titles.
“I’ll be back next year, I’m only 13, I’ve got another year in U15,” Nicky said.
“Nah mate, you’ll want one of these ones next year,” U18 champ Shane White said.
The 2016 State Juniors kicked off with the FOURS discipline on Saturday April 2.

There were four sections in the U18 OPEN FOURS, S1 skips Josh Collier, Jim Regan and Alex Harman; S2 skips Jacob Nelson, Kain Wallis, Brittanny Wiley; S3 skips Dale McWhinney-Shillington, Jacinta Weier, Tegan Wilson and S4 skips Jack Davies, Ashley Wheeler, Nicky Cahill and Max North. (Full team lists on BQ website).
GOLD went to Dale McWhinney Shillington’s four, back to back titles; SILVER to Alex Harman’s four, and BRONZE to Nicky Cahill’s four.

Semi Finals
Beau Gent, Jayden Cottell, Z Adams, Alex Harman 16 DEF Darah Holland, Shervawn Wilson, Kiara Wilson, Kain Wallis 10
Jessica Srisamruaybai, Taleah Putney, Shane White, Dale McWhinney-Shillington 19 DEF Jake Rynne, Jessie Cottell, Kobe Barton, Nicky Cahill 11
Jessica Srismruaybai, Taleah Putney, Shane White, Dale McWhinney-Shillington 21 DEF Beau Gent, Jayden Cottell, Zac Adams, Alex Harman 8 
Jake Rynne, Jessie Cottell, Kobe Barton, Nicky Cahill 30 DEF Darah Holland, Shervawn Wilson, Kiara Wilson, Kain Wallis  10 

The second discipline to be played was the PAIRS, and there were five sections in the U18 OPEN PAIRS, S1 skips Ashley Wheeler, Tahlia Camilleri, Sophie Young and Taleah Putney; S2 skips Zac Adams, Josh Collier, Kalib Morgan and Jessie Cottell; S3 skips Dale McWhinney Shillington, Jacob Nelson, Kain Wallis and Max North; S4 skips Brindley Cottle, Brittanny Wiley, Tegan Wilson and Jayden Christie; S5 skips Shervawn Wilson, Alex Harman, Kane Wilson. (Full team lists on BQ website)
GOLD went to Helensvale pair Shane White (his first of three gold medals) and Jayden Christie, SILVER to Jess Srisamruaybai and Jessie Cottell and BRONZE to Rebecca Rixon and Sophie Young.

GOLD MEDAL FINAL – Shane White & Jayden Christie 21 DEF Jessica Srisamruaybai & Jessie Cottell 10
BRONZE MEDAL FINAL –  Rebecca Rixon & Sophie Young 16 DEF Kobe Barton & Dale McWhinney-Shillington 10

Shane White & Jayden Christie 21 DEF Kobe Barton & Dale McWhinney-Shillington 10
Jessica Srisamruaybai & Jessie Cottell 20 DEF Rebecca Rixon & Sophie Young 10
POST SECTIONAL played after Round 3
(SECT 4 – winner) Shane White & Jayden Christie 20 DEF (SECT 5 – winner) Jayden Cottell & Alex Harman 16
(Winners of Section 1, 2 &3 have a BYE)

In the U15 COMBINED PAIRS, there were four sections, S1 skips Justin Todd, Carl Flegler, Emma Hossack; S2 skips Lachlan Gaske, Giorgia Melham-Mackay, Ty Jesberg; S3 skips Kane Nelson, Tom Colvin, Jack Davies, and S4 skips Harley Hilton, Bradley Flegler, Nicky Cahill. (Full team lists on BQ website).

GOLD went to Jake Rynne and Kane Nelson, SILVER to the Todd brothers Matthew and Justin from Burnett Juniors, BRONZE to Sam Collier and Ty Jesberg representing the north of the state.

Matthew Todd & Justin Todd 23 DEF Samuel Collier & Ty Jesberg 9
Jake Rynne & Kane Nelson 14 DEF Sean Gillis & Nick Cahill 13

GOLD MEDAL FINAL – Jake Rynne & Kane Nelson 27 DEF Matthew Todd & Justin Todd 5 
BRONZE MEDAL FINAL –  Sean Gillis & Nick Cahill 16 DEF Samuel Collier & Ty Jesberg 10 
In the U18 OPEN TRIPLES, there were five sections, S1 skips Rebecca Rixon, Kane Wilson, Josh Collier, Jacinta Weier; S2 Kain Wallis, Brittanny Wiley, Jack Davies, Jacob Nelson; S3 Alex Harma, Kiara Wilson, Bradley Flegler, Braiden Pfeffer; S4 Dale McWhinney-Shillington, Brittney Gent, Nicky Cahill, Ashley Wheeler; S5 Tom Colvin, Max North, Sophie Young, Zac Adams. (Full team lists on BQ website)
GOLD went to Jacob Nelson’s triple, SILVER to Dale McWhinney-Shillington’s triple, BRONZE to Rebecca Rixon’s triple.

Post Sectional
Kobe Barton, Taleah Putney & Dale McWhinney-Shillington 23 DEF Beau Gent, Jimmy Regan & Zac Adams 15

Semi Final
Kane Nelson, Mitchell Mears & Jacob Nelson 19 DEF Tegan Wilson, Jessica Srisamruaybai & Rebecca Rixon 15
Kobe Barton, Taleah Putney & Dale McWhinney-Shillington 19 DEF Carl Flegler, Bradley Flegler & Shane Rideout 9

Gold Medal Final
Kane Nelson, Mitchell Mears & Jacob Nelson 20 DEF Kobe Barton, Taleah Putney & Dale McWhinney-Shillington 13

Bronze Medal Final
Tegan Wilson, Jessica Srisamruaybai & Rebecca Rixon 19 DEF Carl Flegler, Bradley Flegler & Shane Rideout 17


There were six sections with a total of 23 contenders in the U18 BOYS SINGLES, with section wins to 

Kobe Barton (Jindalee), Jacob Nelson (Belmont), Shane White (Helensvale), Michell Mears (Algester), Jayden Christie (Helensvale), Dale McWhinney Shillington (Musgrave Hill).

In a post-sectional to whittle six section winners down to four for the semi finals, Shane White def Mitch Mears and Dale McWhinney Shillington def Jayden Christie.
Semi Finals
Winner of Section 2 Jacob Nelson 21 DEF Winner of Section 1 Kobe Barton 20
Winner of Section 3v4 Shane White 21 DEF Winner of 5v6 Dale McWhinney-Shillington 9

Gold Medal Final – Shane White 21 DEFJacob Nelson 18

Bronze Medal Final – Dale McWhinney-Shillington 21 DEF Kobe Barton 12 

In the U18 GIRLS, there were four sections with a total of 15 contenders.

Gold medal to Jessie Cottell, Silver to Sophie Young, Bronze to  Rebecca Rixon, fourth Taleah Putney.
Semi finals
Winner of Section 1Winner of Section 2 Sophie Young 21 DEF Rebecca Rixon 19 
Winner of Section 3 Jessie Cottell 21 DEF Winner of Section 4 Taleah Putney 11

Gold Medal Final – Jessie Cottell 21 DEF Sophie Young 6
Bronze Medal Final – Rebecca Rixon 21 DEF Taleah Putney 11

In the U15 BOYS, there were six sections with 20 contenders. Gold medal to Nicky Cahill, Silver to Kane Nelson, Bronze to Jake Rynne, fourth Sean Gillis.
Semi Finals
Winner of Section 2 Nicky Cahill 21 DEF Winner of Section 1 Jake Rynne 10
Winner of Section 3 Kane Nelson 21 DEF Winner of 4v5 Sean Gillis 13

Gold Medal Final – Nicky Cahill 21 DEF Kane Nelson 17
Bronze Medal Final – Jake Rynne 21 DEF Sean Gillis 12

In the U15 GIRLS, there were three sections, with nine contenders. Gold medal to newcomer Zayah Morgan from host club Capalaba, silver to Stephanie Pratt from Suburban Townsville, Bronze to Emma Hossack from Toowong.
Post Sectional
Winner of Section 2 Zayah Morgan 21 DEF Winner of Section 3 Emma Hossack 20
(Winner of Section 1 have a bye)

Gold Medal Final –
Zayah Morgan 21 DEF Stephanie Pratt 7
Bronze Medal Winner – Emma Hossack

Host club Capalaba president Wally Jacobsen said it had been “an honour” to host State Juniors 2016.
“It will go to Caloundra next year, and it’s great to share it around the clubs, but we would gladly have had it here again, and we will apply again for hosting duties,” Mr Jacobsen said.
QLD U18 TEAM (7 boys, 7 girls) has been announced to mount Queensland’s title defence at Australian U18 Championships. Boys: Nicky Cahill Bargara, Shane White Helensvale, Jacob Nelson Belmont, Dale McWhinney-Shillington Musgrave Hill, Jayden Christie Helensvale, Michell Mears Algester, Jake Rynne North Dalby. Girls: Jessie Cottell Broadbeach, Brittanny Wiley Binjour, Rebecca Rixon Kawana, Jessica Srisamruaybai Tweed Heads, Ashley Wheeler Maryborough Memorial Services, Julia Allen-Best Tin Can Bay, Shervawn Wilson Tin Can Bay.

DATE CLAIMER: State Juniors 2017 will be held at Caloundra and Pelican Waters Bowls Clubs. April 2-8, 2017.