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Sporting Wheelies & Disabled Assn

Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association is recognised as the peak body for sport, recreation and fitness for people with a physical disability or vision impairment in Queensland. 

The association’s mission is to: “Enhance the lives of people with a disability through community engagement and education, sport and healthy activity”.  

The association is the state body for a number of disability-specific sports, and assists people with a disability to identify opportunities to participate in mainstream sports such as lawn bowls through our LinkUp Advisory Service and hospital programs. 

Members can also access funding to attend competitions and hire specialised equipment such as lawn bowls wheelchairs.

Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association enjoys a close working relationship with Bowls Queensland, who are one of the first organisations to sign a third Charter through the Sports CONNECT framework delivered by the association to connect people with a disability and sport. 

Bowls Queensland’s efforts to developing sustainable inclusion in their sport has been recognised with BQ winning the association’s Inclusive Services Award in 2012 and 2013.

Lawn Bowls is an inclusive sport and with the increased number of inquiries from players how to get classified and classifications, so these players can enter into events that is played in Queensland or even represent the state (Multi Disability Champs, Bowls Australia – Australian Open, represent Queensland at the Disability Sports Australia Championships). This is a good opportunity and worthwhile having information on this page about the process to be classified and also classification. 

See more information below regarding the process and click on the links for more information about the procedure and process. If you wish to seek more information about the process please contact Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association.

Lawn Bowls Classification System

Bowlers with a physical disability who wish to bowl in competitive pathways at a state, national or international level will need to be classified. The classification system for lawn bowls is governed by International Bowls for the Disabled (IBD), who keep a database of classified bowlers from around the world. Disability Sports Australia (DSA) provide information on the lawn bowls classification system and the different classes –  click here

There are currently two opportunities for bowlers with a disability to be classified in Queensland:

1. Classification Day

A national level classification is obtained by athletes attending a classification session with two qualified classifiers (one medical and one technical classifier) to assess the athlete’s functionality for the sport in a private setting. The classifiers will also observe the athlete in competition. The classifiers will determine if the athlete is classifiable or unclassifiable based on the sport’s classification system, and if classifiable, provide an official card or letter advising the athlete what their classification is and providing a copy of this notice to the governing body of the sport. 

A classification day is normally held in conjunction with Bowls Queensland’s annual State Multi-Disability Championships. New participants can be classified at the event, and if found to be unclassifiable, can still compete in the event but will not be eligible for the finals. 

2. Provisional Classification (temporary classification)

For athletes unable to attend an official classification day, or seeking classification before the next classification day, Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association offer a free provisional classification service for Queensland members. This process takes around six weeks and requires the person seeking classification to get a form completed by a medical practitioner and return with video footage of them participating in the sport they are seeking classification for. This form and footage are then forwarded on by the Association to a qualified classifier (volunteer) who will assess the information and footage to provide a provisional classification. 

Anyone seeking a provisional classification will need to download the following documents which are available on the Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association’s website:

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