Jack Attack


Jack Attack is a fun and fast-paced format from the traditional form of lawn bowls, aimed to encourage participation with non-bowling members of the community.

Jack Attack is super easy to play!

It is a modified version from the traditional form of lawn bowls, with three players per team who each deliver their two bowls within an end, aiming to get as close as possible to the jack. 

The delivery of all six bowls completes an end, where teams then change direction of play and re-position the jack.

Teams complete two sets of five ends to determine a winner, and should the sets be even, a sudden-death tie-break will be played.

It’s all over in 60 minutes!

It emulates the style of play of the Bowls Premier League (BPL) competition, which is broadcast live on Fox Sports and Sky Sport NZ each February and November.

Jack Attack allows for the BPL format to be played directly at clubs across the nation, capitalising on its social, fast-paced format to help encourage participation with non-bowlers.

Jack Attack appeals to people who are looking for a more structured bowls competition than barefoot bowls, but don’t have the time to committ to longer formats of the game.

It’s intended to be run as a four-week competition, staged ideally on a midweek evening, but clubs are free to schedule games any time that suits their club and audiences.



  • Three players per team
  • Team order can be interchangeable
  • Each player plays two bowls per end
  • Five ends completes a set
  • Two sets completes a match
  • A sudden-death tie-break will determine a winner, should sets be evenly split
  • Players aim to deliver their bowl as close to the jack as possible
  • The number of your team’s bowls closer to the jack than the nearest opposition bowl is the number of points you score
  • The jack is placed wherever the winning team wants at the opposite end of the green
  • Players to wait until all bowls are delivered before changing ends
  • Each team gets to have one power-play end per set. A power-play is where points are worth double.
  • Should the jack be knocked out of play, it will be re-placed back in a central position known as the ‘T’