Alan “Thorpy“ Thorp and Eric ”Ecka” Tomsene at Bargara Bowls Club with 12 people who completed the coaching course, plus drills and bowling arm demo. All were competent.

Coaching – 2021 a year to remember

by bqmedia on December 1, 2021

By Alan Thorp, Coordinator SCC.

The State Coaching Committee had an interesting start to the year with myself and Dennis O’Toole being placed in lockdown in Townsville in early January.

We arrived in Townsville to present a Selection module, followed by a Club Coach course and a Skills and Bowling Arm seminar. We successfully completed the Selection module on the Friday but, on return to the motel that afternoon, we were advised that having come from the Moreton Bay region we would be required to self isolate for three days in our motel room, with all motel/resort facilities denied. Ron Mitchell, Gary Costigan and Muddy from the Cutheringa Bowls Club, where the courses were being held, were fantastic and between all parties including BQ CEO Brett Wilkie, Dennis and I were home within 15 hours. Six weeks later Jacqui Hineman and myself were able to return and complete the courses and once again the reception and service provided by Muddy of the Cutheringa Bowls Club was exceptional. From this interesting start to the year, things escalated from there with the P&As from the State Coaching Committee visiting many districts and clubs during the calendar year.

Having been involved with the coaching committee for almost 10 years, I can say that 2021 has been by far the busiest year for providing coaching activities to members throughout Queensland. Also, as many coaches would be aware, an extension of twelve months was granted for those requiring reaccreditation as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. I am happy to report that more coaches have reaccredited in 2021 than in previous years.

As readers would be aware, each month a member of the State Coaching Committee pens an article for the Bowler and this will continue. We are fortunate as the editor Jo is always on the ball and ensures that the author of the article is on time. So Jo, from me as the coordinator I thank you very much and working with you and the team is a pleasure, also my gratitude to the State Coaching Committee members for their input and articles produced.

This year the board at BQ have been very gracious to our coaching requests, and without their support and backing the very large number of activities conducted this year would not have eventuated. The board were aware that this year would be more demanding due to the Covid-19 restrictions of last year and have given total support and assistance to the high demands of 2021. As the coordinator on behalf of the bowling community, I thank you for allowing the committee to provide this service.

Well, it certainly was a very rewarding and successful year for the State Coaching Committee and generally the back page of the Bowler is reserved for an article on the fundamentals of bowls or any related bowling matter.

However, I believed that a thank you here and there would not go astray at this time of year. As I previously stated “it was a year to remember” and how true that is.

In closing, many thanks to the staff at BQ and, hopefully as a united team, we can continue to bring coaching activities to all areas within our State.

Please stay safe and we wish that all bowlers and their families have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all of the State Coaching Committee.