QLD vs NSW U18 Test Series – Day 1 results

by jgrey on August 20, 2022

Played at Chermside Bowls Club – 20 August 2022

QLD Boys have finished with the upper hand after day 1 of the annual QLD vs NSW Under 18 Test Series. After tying the first test with one shot separating the teams across the four rinks, the QLD boys finished strong in the second test to win 3 rinks to 1. 

The Girls Series is tied up after winning 1 test a piece. Three tests remain tomorrow at the Chermside Bowls Club.

First Test Results 

Girls Pairs
(QLD) S Allan & S Palmer 16 lost to (NSW) R Finn-Young & K Astley 17
Girls Triples 
(QLD) H Anderson, S Kiepe & C Runge 21 def (NSW) C Chakouch, R-R Hampton & E Cameron 10
(QLD) K Powell, D Brindle & C Stallan 12 lost to (NSW) S Powell, Z Nicholls, J Smith 16
Girls Test 1 results: QLD 2 points (49 shots) lost to NSW 4 points (43 shots)

Boys Singles
(QLD) Kane Nelson 14 lost to (NSW) Joseph Clarke 21
(QLD) Wyatt Martin 7 lost to (NSW) Travis Moran 21
Boys Pairs
(QLD) H Oster & J Chirgwin 21 def (NSW) T Rich & W Scott-Branagan 9
Boys Fours
(QLD) O Corken, S Collier, T Brain, C Gerick 19 def (NSW) B Waite, C McMullen, L Thompson & J McShane 11
Boys Test 1 results: QLD 4 points (61 shots) drew with NSW 4 points (62 shots)

Second Test Results
Girls Singles
(QLD) Chloe Runge 21 def (NSW) Reese Finn-Young 16

(QLD) Sophie Kiepe 21 def (NSW) Chanel Chakouch 13
Girls Pairs
(QLD) D Brindle & C Stallan 9 lost to (NSW) Z Nicholls & J Smith 24
Girls Fours
(QLD) S Allan, H Anderson, K Powell, S Palmer 17 def (NSW) S Powell, R-R Hampton, E Cameron & K Astley 14
Girls Test 2 results: QLD 6 points (68 shots) def NSW 2 points (67 shots)

Boys Pairs
(QLD) H Oster & K Nelson 21 def (NSW) J Clarke & J McShane 13
Boys Triples
(QLD) O Corken, S Collier & C Gerick 17 def (NSW) T Rich, T Moran, E Scott-Branagan 12
(QLD) T Brain, W Martin, J Chirgwin 18 lost to (NSW) B Waite, C McMullen, L Thompson 20
Boys Test 2 results: QLD 4 points (56 shots) def NSW 2 points (45 shots)

Schedule – Sunday 21 August

Third Test at 8.10am

Girls – Singles, Pairs & Fours
Boys – Pairs & Triples

Fourth Test at 10.30am 

Girls – Pairs & Triples
Boys – Singles, Pairs & Fours

Fifth Test at 1.00pm

Girls – Singles, Pairs & Fours
Boys – Pairs & Triples       

Girls U18 QLD Squad L-R Back: Kiera Powell, Holly Anderson, Sophie Kiepe, Corinne Stallon, Front: Chloe Runge, Dakota Brindle, Sophie Allen, Stella Palmer
Boys U18 QLD Squad L-R Back: Samuel Collier, Kane Nelson, Cody Gerick, Todd Brain Front: Jack Chirgwin, Hayden Oster, Wyatt Martin, Oliver Corken