Short bowls will kill us

by admin on April 1, 2014

A night of heavy rain in Burnie has made Queensland’s clash with NSW that little bit harder. Queensland’s pivotal Australian Sides clash with New South Wales just became a whole lot tougher, with heavy rain rolling in over Burnie last night.
The Maroons currently lead the men’s competition, thanks to four straight wins at Tasmania’s South Burnie Bowls Club.
But with Victoria, NSW and South Australia snapping at their heels, a loss in this morning’s match could see Queensland slip as low as fourth on the ladder due to their low rink-win tally.
“Every game is vital for us at this stage,” state coach Bill Cornehls said.
“We’re top of the table at the minute, so we have a big target on our backs, every team wants to knock us off.
“We have three really big games to go, against some extremely good opposition, any slip-ups could easily cost us the championships.”
The women will also take on NSW this morning, as they battle to push their way up the ladder and finish in the medals.
But Queensland will have more than just their opposition to contend with in Round 5, after heavy rain soaked the greens at South Burnie.
All week the Maroons have been battling heavy greens, which are completely foreign to many Queensland players.
That task just became a lot harder thanks to a night of Tasmanian rain.
“The conditions obviously aren’t ideal,” Cornehls said of the rain-soaked greens.
“The Tassie greens are already heavy, so you can imagine what they’re like after a few hours of heavy rain.
“But all teams will be playing the same conditions and I expect New South Wales won’t enjoy them any more than we do.”
Cornehls had some words of advice for his teams going into this morning’s match, which has been delayed until 9.30am.
“Short bowls will kill us, it’s as simple as that,” he said.
“You have to get to the head every time, which in these conditions will obviously mean playing more weight.
“Playing ditch-to-ditch is difficult on these greens, so we have to adjust our game accordingly. Whichever team gets on the head first is more than likely the team that’s going to win the end. We need to make sure it’s us.”