Coaches play a vital role in developing athletes through sport. They provide athletes with the skills and knowledge needed to develop, improve, and succeed. More often than not, coaches have a major influence on participants and their enjoyment of their chosen sport.

Coaches who are accredited through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) are recognised by BA, their State and Territory Association and the Sport Australia. As exceptions for safety and ethical behaviour within coaching continue to increase, it has become increasingly important that all coaches are training and accredited.

It is recommended that all coaches continue their education to ensure the most appropriate and up-to-date knowledge and coaching techniques are being used.

Any member can also do the Bowls Australia course online at BowlsLearn Click here to register with BowlsLink

Step by step guide to register with BowlsLink

Please follow the process listed below before you register with BowlsLearn/BowlsLink.

  1. Complete the club coach application form
  2. Club Secretary is to sign the form
  3. Send the completed application form and payment to Bowls Queensland
  4. Blue Card NSW Working with Children Blue Card Policy

Introductory Coach

Club Coach

Advanced Coach

Competition Module

Selection Module

Contact Bowls Queensland to find out when the courses will be conducted in your District.

To hold a course at the Club the Secretary to complete the coaching course form Send to your District to sign/endorse and the District will forward to Bowls Queensland for approval. 

Coaching Basics and The Etiquette of Bowls

Club Coach Reaccreditation

To reaccredit follow the steps below.

  1.  Complete the club coach reaccredit application form
  2.  Secretary is to complete the letter of support
  3.  Send the application form,  payment and letter of support to Bowls Queensland

Code of Ethics form 

BA Coaches Den Videos

Blue Card Services Website

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