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Laws of the Game Frequently asked Questions

Question 1

After 5 ends of the morning play of an interstate competition had been completed torrential rain forced the players from the green.  Are further trial ends permitted:

(a) On resumption of play in the afternoon of that day,

(b) On resumption of play at the same venue the next morning?


Question 2

A player takes a stance on the mat with the player’s toes protruding over the front edge of the mat. The bowl is delivered from this position without moving the rear foot back on to the mat.  Is he foot-faulting?


Question 3

 The lead in team A delivers the jack which passes the 2-meter mark. Before it comes to rest Skip A picks it up assuming that it will not reach the ditch and places it on the 2-meter mark. Skip B objects.  What should happen now?


Question 4

A bowl, which had been a toucher in the previous end, is delivered with its chalk mark still on the bowl. It does not touch the jack but the chalk mark is not removed. As a result of play, several bowls later this bowl is forced into the ditch within the confines of the rink.  What should happen?


Question 5

A player drives and the bowl, which is not a toucher, rebounds off the face of the bank, coming to rest within the rink and 19.4m from the mat line. The opponent says that it is dead, but the player claims that it is live.   What is the position?


Question 6

A player in team A suggests that a bowl is out. Skip A checks it and picks it up agreeing that it is out. The opposing Skip objects.  What should be done?