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Laws of the Game Frequently asked Questions

Question 1

In a singles game a player considers that the opponent’s bowls do not conform to the laws of the game and wishes to challenge the bowls.  What action should be taken and when?


Question 2

Can a challenge to a bowl be withdrawn?


Question 3

The lead of team A rolls the jack in to the ditch. The jack is returned to the lead of team B who moves the position of the mat. Lead A objects saying the mat cannot be moved.  Who is correct?


Question 4

In a singles match the jack is rolled and appeared likely to enter the front ditch had it not hit the foot of the marker. The opponent claims the right to roll the jack.  Is the opponent correct?


Question 5

 A delivered bowl comes to rest on the green and in contact with the jack which is in the ditch. It is claimed that, as the bowl is a live bowl and is in contact with the jack in the ditch, it is a toucher.  Is this correct?


Question 6

A bowl comes to rest and then falls over and touches the jack whilst the next bowl is in course. The Skip moves forward to mark it as a toucher to which the opposing Skip objects.  Is the bowl a toucher?