2022 North VS South Challenge

October 29 2022

1:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Saturday 29 October & Sunday 30 October, 2022

The North versus South Challenge will be held at a Suburban Bowls Club in Townsville, North QLD.
The format for this event will be: Men’s and Women’s teams, 12 players per team, 3 rinks of fours, 3 tests of 21 ends, 2 games Saturday and 1 game Sunday.

Teams will be selected from the following Districts:
NORTH: Tropical Far North QLD, North West QLD, North QLD, Mackay, Leichhardt, Central QLD, Port Curtis, Bundaberg, Burnett, Fraser Coast, Condamine and Maranoa/Warrego.
SOUTH: Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gateway, Cunningham, Downs, Moreton Bay, Southern Downs and Gold Coast.

The division of north and south was worked out by drawing a line horizontally across Queensland leaving half the clubs north of the line and half the clubs south of the line. This line passed through the Sunshine Coast, Condamine and Maranoa/Warrego Districts, it was decided to drop all Sunshine Coast into the South and move Condamine and Warrego into the North.

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