Queensland shines in #AusOpenGC fours

by admin on June 17, 2015

Top Queenslanders make the grade on the Gold Coast and move on to Australian Open fours knockout rounds More than a dozen Queenslanders have made it to the knockout rounds after the Australian Open men’s and women’s fours were played on the Gold Coast today.
Among the men to proceed to the next round were Robbie Wild, Nathan Rice, Marama Waitai, Sean Baker and Adam White.
Well known women’s names placed in the winners’ column today included Lynsey Clarke, Yvonne Lovelock, Julie Keegan, Jane Bush, Natasha Jones, Charlie Harkness, Rosie Lovelock and Pamela Rowe.
A full list of winning fours teams and the scores can be found on the Bowls Australia website.
The Queenslanders were among dozens of bowlers from across the country to compete today for a spot in the fours knockout rounds.
This included four Western Sydney bowlers who travelled to the Australian Open for the first time to experience the world’s biggest festival bowls.
It is Connie Smith, Annie Puia, Metua Teinaki and Rebecca Turnbull’s first attempt at a large event.
The team is enthusiastic at the opportunity to be involved in such a world renowned competition. While they want to win, they say the best part is enjoying the experience.
“There is a real buzz among the other competitors and we are all taking an interest in how they are going in their events; we connect with each other on Facebook and we are really enjoying the camaraderie,” Ms Turnbull said.
Their full story can be found here on the Bowls Australia website. 
Caption: Western Sydney bowlers from left to right, Connie Smith, Annie Puia, Metua Teinaki and Rebecca Turnbull.