Braidan Leese burns for Queensland

by admin on October 6, 2015

QLD U25 men wrest the Archer Stewart Shield off NSW. QLD women win first test but the Blues bounce back. Coolangatta’s Braidan Leese played well in the Pairs in the first test, leading for Paradise Point’s Sam White, the duo with a great track record, including national runners up in the 2015 Australian Open Men’s Pairs.
However it was in the second and third tests playing Singles for Queensland that Leese burned up the Blues, winning against 2015 Silver Nugget runner up Mason Lewis 21-12 in the Second Test, and even 2015 Silver Nugget champ Jesse Noronha wilted under his torch, 21-18 in the third and final test.
QLD men won the 2015 U25 QLD V NSW Test Series today at Tweed Heads 2-1, losing the first test, equalling the score in the second test, and pulling ahead in the third.
For QLD women, Helensvale’s Charlie Harkness successfully swatted off everything NSW pitched her way, skipping QLD’s Pair to a win in the first test, QLD’s Four to a win in the second test, and beating one of the Blues best, Samantha Noronha, at Singles in the third and final test, 21-18.
Unfortunately for the QLD women, the result was a mirror opposite of the men’s result, 1-2 down,, NSW women delighted to pack the Shield back in their luggage (Queensland women have won the annual test series only once in seven years, in 2012.)
The bowls were impressive and it was extremely exciting for the spectators to have a window into the future of bowls, many of the state U25 players from both QLD and NSW growing up in the sport and exhibiting excellence in both performance and sportsmanship.
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