Flag decider a thriller

by admin on November 28, 2015

Going into the final round on Sunday morning, Suburban Townsville and Broadbeach are top of their sections in the women’s table; for the men, South Toowoomba and Coolum Beach. Round 3 of State Pennant 2015 at Bribie Island will start at 7.30am, Sunday November 29.

For the women, Suburban Townsville will hope to hold off a challenge by Bramble Bay. However, the bottom two sides in Section 1, Souths Suburban Mackay and Yeppoon, are not out of the game.

In Section 2, Broadbeach women have a comfortable lead over Kawana, but they’ll take nothing for granted, with Kawana strong finishers; 3rd position is West Toowoomba followed by Ferny Grove.
For the men, Section 2 is particularly exciting, with ANY of the four capable of taking the flag and in a position to do so; can Coolum Beach cement its top of section spot with a win over the powerhouse Pine Rivers? Or will Broadbeach or Ferny Grove rise to the top during the course of Round 3?

By chance (draw), Section 2 for the Men turned out to be all teams from the SE corner; this draw has been consistently close and tough, the four teams finishing within a shadow of each other.
Section 1 turned out to be the four teams from the country areas who get less high level competition, with more variabillity in results.

In Section 1 for the men, South Toowoomba will go into Round 3 leading the pack, followed by Souths Suburban Mackay, Gladstone and Cutheringa Townsville.


WOMEN – ROUND 1 (close results)

SOUTHS SUBURBAN (MACKAY) and WEST TOOWOOMBA led the sections in the WOMEN’s Div 1 flag pursuit at the end of Round 1, State Pennant 2015.
In Section 1, the finish was Souths Suburban Mackay, Bramble Bay, Suburban Townsville, Yeppoon.
In Section 2, order was West Toowoomba, Broadbeach, Kawana, Ferny Grove.

Section 1 SOUTHS SUBURBAN MACKAY 63 def YEPPOON 56.  (Dal McKelvie 23 def Eleanor Batts 17; Dealia Walsh 21 def Joan Strohfeldt 19, Flos Keft 19 def by Laurel Barnes 20.)
Section 1 BRAMBLE BAY 63 def SUBURBAN TOWNSVILLE 59.  (Maria Rigby 16 def by Chris Robinson 23, Natasha Jones 18 def by Rhonda Tawse 27, Ester Regan 29 def Lesley Watson 9.)
Section 2 WEST TOOWOOMBA 67 def FERNY GROVE 55. (Tracy Foster 20 def Sue Bond 19, Imelda Brumpton 21 def Darlene Ferry 20, Lorraine Callaghan 26 def Meehan 16.)
Section 2 Broadbeach 60 def Kawana 56. (Chrissie Pavlov 25 def Jane Bush 20, Gail Waitai 13 def by Julie Keegan 20, Mel Larcombe 22 def Louise Witton 16.)

By the end of Round 2, in Section 1, SUBURBAN TOWNSVILLE had taken the lead, with BRAMBLE BAY hot on their heels; 3rd South Suburban Mackay, 4th Yeppoon.
In Section 2, BROADBEACH women were top of the table, 16 shots ahead of KAWANA, 3rd West Toowoomba, and 4th Ferny Grove.
Section 1, YEPPOON WINS over BRAMBLE BAY by ONE SHOT, 57-56. (Ellie Batts TIE 18-18 Maria Rigby. Joan Strohfeldt goes down two shots to Natasha Jones 21-23. Laurel Barnes wins by three shots over Ester Regan, 18-15.)
Section 1, SUBURBAN TOWNSVILLE defeats SOUTHS SUBURBAN MACKAY by 9 shots, 65-56. (Chris Robinson goes down by three to Dal MacKelvie 17-20, Rhonda Tawse prevails over Dealia Walsh 21-20, and Suburban gets into the clear when Lesley Watson has a 27-16 win over Flos Keft.
Section 2, BROADBEACH convincing win over FERNY GROVE 71-46. (Chrissie Pavlov prevails over Sue Bond 20-19, Gail Waitai def Darlene Ferry 29-13, Mel Larcombe def Kerry Meehan 22-14.).
Section 2, KAWANA too strong for WEST TOOWOOMBA 71-54. (Jane Bush goes down 3 to Tracy Foster 17-20, Julie Keegan is on fire against Imelda Brumpton 28-12, and Louise Witton 26-22 against Lorraine Callaghan.)
South Toowoomba and Coolum Beach topped their respective sections at the end of Round 1.
Order of finish Men Round 1 is:
Section 1 South Toowoomba, Gladstone, Cutheringa (Townsville), South Suburban Mackay.
Section 2 Coolum Beach, Pine Rivers, Broadbeach, Ferny Grove.
South Toowoomba defeated South Suburban Mackay by a comfortable 12 shots, 57-45. 
The South Toowoomba boys were consistent; each rink finishing with 15 shots, but only skip Ray Kurtz managed a win, by one shot, 15-14 over Shaun Kiepe. 
South Toowoomba’s other two rinks won by margin enough, Chris Kiepe 21-15 over Alan Howard and Trevor Briese 22-15 over Peter Balderson.
In the other Section 1 game, Gladstone won by 9 shots over Cutheringa (Townsville) to finish second on the Section 1 table at the end of Round One.
Three rink wins by Gladstone, but fairly close ones, Cutheringa holding them to account, Tony Leggio 20-17 over Chip McCaffery, Peter Pershouse 21-17 over Jack Edwards and Michael Sorrensen 17-15 oveer Glen Atfield.
In Coolum Beach’s dominant 24-shot win over Ferny Grove, 77-53, the savvy Troy Somerville was impressive 24-14 over John Jones.
But it was former Northern Territory star Fred Diamond who held the spectators in thrall, opening up a massive lead for his side, winning 34-14 over Ferny’s Ed Boxall.
Ferny had some satisfaction on one rink, Paul Jones defeating Coolum Beach’s Greg Dale 26-19.
In the other Section 2 game, Pine Rivers Memorial prevailed over the powerful Broadbeach side by just two shots, 60-58.
Robbie Wild got one over Sean Ingham, 16-15, and Kurt Brown was strong over Broadbeach Scottish import Kevin Anderson, 27-18.
But the Gold Coast club’s second Scottish import Ryan Burnett answered back for his countryman, opening up a similar margin 25-17 against Pine Rivers Alex Murtagh
South Toowoomba and Coolum Beach remain at the top of the table at the end of Round 2.
However Section 2 is anyone’s game, with all four teams winning one game, and all four teams losing one game.
Round 3 will be a thriller tomorrow for Section 2, with the teams very evenly matched and positioned: Coolum Beach will come up against Pine Rivers and Broadbeach against Ferny Grove.
The order of finish at the end of Round 2 is:
Section 1 South Toowoomba, Souths Suburban Mackay, Gladstone, Cutheringa.
Section 2 Coolum Beach, Broadbeach, Pine Rivers, Ferny Grove.
SOUTH TOOWOOMBA def Cutheringa 68-48 (Shaun Kiepe def by ONE SHOT 18-19 Chip McCaffery, Chris Kiepe def Jack Edwards 24-15, Trevor Briese def Glen Atfield 26-14.)
Also in Section 1, SOUTHS SUBURBAN def Gladstone 73-54. (Ray Kurtz def Tony Leggio 25-11, Alan Howard def Peter Pershouse 32-21; one rink win to GLADSTONE MIchael Sorrensen def Peter Balderson 22-16.).
BROADBEACH def COOLUM BEACH in a thriller, 59-56. (Sean Ingham TIE 21-21 with Troy Somerville; Kevin Anderson went down to Shane Burke 16-18, and Ryan Burnett gave Broadbeach the win it wanted against a ferocious competitor in Fred Diamond, 22-17.)
Also in Section 2, FERNY GROVE was rapt with their win over PINE RIVERS 64-60 (John Jones went down to Robbie Wild 17-20, Paul Jones gave Ferny a margin, winning 27-19 over Kurt Brown, and Ed Boxall contained the loss against Alex Murtagh, down one shot 20-21.)