Countdown to 3rd Annual Defence Test

by admin on April 17, 2016

The ANZAC test series will be held this weekend (April 23 – 24), with the BQ Chairman’s XII taking on twelve bowlers from the Australian Services Bowls Association. The annual three-test series came about as a joint initiative of Bowls Queensland and Defence to commemorate 100 years of the ANZAC legend by hosting a bowls series over five years (2014 – 2018).
Shots will be fired this weekend when the best Defence bowlers from around Australian fly in to take on a representative Queensland side chosen by the chairman of Bowls Queensland.
There will be a photo opportunity at around 11.30am ahead of a short ANZAC ceremony at Manly Bowls Club at Noon, with the First Test starting at 1.15pm.
The Second Test will be an evening affair starting around 5.45pm and the Third Test will be held on Sundaymorning, starting at 8.45am.
This year’s Chairman’s XII are: Chris Backstrom, Christina Pavlov, Kerry Flint, Sean Ingham (s), Connie-Leigh Rixon, Alan Thorp, Scott DeJongh-Fitzpatrick, Samuel White (s), Lindsay Ponting, Emma Brown, Jacob Nelson and Ken Luck (s).
Representing the Australian Services Bowls Assn (Defence): AB Kaitlin Shaw, AB Anita Jenkins, AB Jamie Turner, CPO Phil Black (s),  WOFF Shaun Keitel, SGT Gerard Harkins, WO Dale Reeves, WO Steve Sobolewski (s), SGT Chris McCallion, SGT Tony Tapper, PO Jason Smith and CPL Lucas Baker (s).
“Looking at both contingents in this competition, the Chairman’s XII representatives and the Australian Services Bowls Association defence force representatives, I am confident this contest will be a great success and played in the spirit of fellowship,” Bowls Queensland chairman Peter Williamson said.
At the series you will be able to make a donation to Mates for Mates and Soldier On, organisations that help and support returned servicemen and women.