President’s XII win sixth Annual ANZAC Test

by admin on April 28, 2019

It was a fourth straight win for the BQ President’s XII against a tough ADF side


It was a close call for the President’s XII’s against the ADF this year.

The BQ President’s XII continued their winning streak taking the fourth straight ANZAC Test against the Australian Defence Force (ADF) bowlers.

A well-loved tradition, the sixth annual test was played in remembrance of those who have been lost and in honour of the men and women serving our country. A wreath-laying ceremony was held prior to the first test kick off.

The ADF team of elite bowlers from the Australian Services Bowling Association and the President’s XII with high level players of varying ages, as well as bowlers with a disability, played a rousing competition this year. Played April, 26-27 under the lights at Club Manly, it took all three tests to decide who would win.

Test 1
The first test had the Defence Force team winning by a cool 23 shots scoring 73-50. Digging deep as the final ends came round, the cool air provided a quicker green for both squads. Cribbin (XIIs) and Sobolewski’s (ADF) rink tied 18-18, while Groves’ (ADF) team beat Nelson’s (XII’s) by an easy 16 point margin. The ADF team with PO Piper, SQLDR Hall, PO Smith and CPL Butler (skip) closed out their match asserting themselves over the XII’s team with winning 25-18.

Test 2
The second test was even more of a nail biter with the final bowl deciding who would win. Lunch had to be put on hold, while the XII’s team with brothers Justin and Ben Cribbin as well as Tony Bonnell and Mark Edwards played an intense game. After a few near touchers, it came down the ADF’s final bowl when they hit their own bowl at the end of the game which led to the President’s XII winning 53-51 overall.

Test 3
With three games happening across the carpet green, the deciding test was close in the opening sequences but once the XIIs had the lead they held on, fending off any fight back from the ADF side. The Defence only managed to take one game off the QLD side during the whole third test, it was a close game decided by one point. While the XII’s team won the test 64-50, deciding the overall winners of the series, BQ President Peter Williamson said that everyone, “played their part well.”


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