Club Musgrave’s Renovations

by jgrey on June 27, 2020

By Stephanie Retchless

The $1.5 million renovations of the club’s kitchen, dining room and courtyard commenced on February 10, 2020. The original plan was to have the renovation completed in time for World Bowls 2020 in late May.

Despite the impact of Covid-19, and now thanks to Government’s JobKeeper & Employer stimulus payments, the club can proceed with the renovation during the enforced shut-down period.

The club now hopes to have the renovation fully completed by late May/early June, in time for when the club is able (no date yet provided) to re-open to the public.

Everything in the dining area has been gutted from the carpet, walls, ceiling, and lighting.
With new furniture to come, it will be a modern change to stimulate the senses and appeal to a wider range of patrons. Work continues on the bistro refurbishment & the dining room unhindered (sadly) by any patrons.

The enforced Covid-19 shutdown clearly affected their financial position (and of course many other clubs) as such options were put to the board of management whether to continue with the next (kitchen) stage of the redevelopment during the shutdown period.

After assessing their overall financial position encompassing cash-flow forecasts for the next few months Club Musgrave have pushed ahead with the kitchen stage, meaning that all being well they should have a finished dining/kitchen product when they are ready to open again.

Club Musgrave are excited about the prospect of bringing you their new club dining experience.