Jerusalema hits Cooloola

by bqmedia on April 20, 2021

By Gary Holyoak

Cooloola Club members were enthusiastic to be the first known bowling club to do the Jerusalema Challenge. We chose the end of our Mixed Social Bowls Day to stir the rhythm in our souls and accept the challenge. Our bowlers wanted to show Queensland that having fun on the green does not always include bowling. Spurred on by a huge gathering of supporters, our enthusiastic bowlers- cum-dancers showed what it was all about to belong to a happy club.

We have posted our video on the club’s Facebook page for all to see. So take a look and we challenge other clubs to post their versions to prove that bowling clubs are also about having fun.

About the Jerusalema Dance Challenge

Angolan dance troupe Fenómenosdo Semba created the #Jerusalema Dance Challenge video that showed off their dance moves to the South African hit song, Jerusalema by Johannesburg-based musician and producer Master KG. Since then, the spiritual nature of the song has encouraged communities to accept the challenge and line dance together, particularly after spending more time in lockdown during the coronavirus. The #JerusalemaDanceChallenge video has created a viral mass following across social media.