Sportsman Prize for 2021: Mick Robinson, Bob Bean & Bob Best

Ingham’s Annual Fours

by bqmedia on August 20, 2021

By Elsa Piotto

The Ingham Bowls Club held their annual Invitation Fours recently. Teams from Cairns to Proserpine and west to Hughenden competed in the very successful event. Thank you to all who helped with the event. Finally, thank you to all the players for supporting the event with good sportsmanship and friendship. It was a pleasure having you.

Winners: L-R: Patrick Ryan, Ren Cantatore, Rico Basaglia & Phil Kite (skip)

Runners-up L-R: Damien Johnson, Nathaniel Cuzner, Treigh Cuzner & Brad Wilson (skip)

Third L-R: Luchie Gardel, John Fielding, Wayne Handley & Gavin Milne