Coolum BC welcomes a new member

by bqmedia

Playing bowls on a Friday, this guy was on his bike on the footpath watching us play bowls. I said “G’day, how are you going?” He stayed and watched for a few ends. I introduced myself and he told me his name was Damo (Damian Sorensen). I asked him if he had ever played bowls and he said no.

I asked him if he would like to play. He nervously responded that he didn’t think he would be any good at it. I said to him we were finishing up and asked if he would like to join me in the club. He stuttered and declined.

I jumped the fence and stayed with him for a few minutes and convinced him to come on in and sit with me. We walked together and found a safe place for his bike out the back. Once we got inside, I pulled up a chair next to me and introduced Damo to as many people as I could and watched the enjoyment on his face as every member I introduced him to gave him time and was genuinely interested in him.

The transformation in his demeanour in only 15 minutes was visible and very pleasing. So, I thought to myself, what else can I give to my new mate to brighten up his day? So I said, “Damo, let me get you a drink, wait there”. I then organised a club bowler’s shirt and asked our presenter to announce that we have a new member in the club and called Damo over to present him with the new shirt and welcome him to the family.

I don’t share this for accolades. I then paid $110 and made Damo a full member of the club to go with his new shirt. When Damo was called up to collect his shirt to the applause to all in the room, he was overcome with excitement and joy. He ripped his shirt off on the spot and put his new shirt on. He came back to the table and gave me a hug.

I picked Damo up weeks later and drove him to Nambour Bowls Club as I saw second hand bowls for sale that would be perfect for him. Damo bought the bowls and from there has progressed to represent the club in our pennants squad and was employed in our kitchen.

Last year in pennants, Damo was on the rink next to me and getting towards the end of his match he played a resting toucher and yelled at the top of his lungs and was fist punching. Everyone who was there that day will remember this special moment. These special moments are what gets me pumped.

When the Queensland Bowler contacted Damo, he said that he has a heart condition and hasn’t been at the club much lately for health safety reasons, but is looking forward to getting back. He told us about his ‘toucher’ moment, how excited he was and how wonderful the club members have been to him.

Congratulations to the Coolum members for encouraging Damo to play bowls!

Contributed by Adam Hall, Coolum Bowls Club