Winners Madelyn McDonald & Cody Gerick - James Nash High School with Runners Up Reid Grant & Stella Palmer.

New 2022 Secondary School Cup Winners!

by jgrey on August 25, 2022

Congratulations to James Nash High School on their back-to-back win of the 2022 Secondary School Cup. Winning with 18 points + 110, seasoned junior Cody Gerick and partner Madelyn McDonald were in the running for victory from yesterday. Runners-up Stella Palmer and Reid Grant scored 14 +72 for Roma State High School and the Kiepe duo from Nerang State High School, Sophie and Nate came third with 13 +9. Well done to all winners and players.

Kicking off yesterday (24 August), the top players from each participating school played for this year’s trophy. By the end of yesterday, last year’s winners, James Nash High School with well-known The Albert junior player Cody Gerick and Madelyn McDonald, was in the lead with 10 points +71. Roma State High School with Stella Palmer who represented QLD in the 2022 QLD vs NSW Test Series and teamed up with Reid Grant, was in second place with 8 points +57 and another U18 QLD vs NSW representative, Sophie Kiepe formed a duo with cousin Nate (former Jackaroo and National representative, Anthony Kiepe’s son) brought Nerang State High School with 7 points +11 into third position.

There were four rounds to play on day 2 (25 August) to seal the deal. Would James Nash HS win the Cup back-to-back? Atherton gave James Nash HS the run around when they defeated Roma, leaving players and spectators wondering if Cody and Madelyn could maintain their position on the leader board. However, the victory was short-lived and James Nash came out tops.

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