The three finalists L-R: Dudley Schefe, Liz McCleary, Brad Fiedler

South Toowoomba BC is “Ever Looking Forward”

by bqmedia

We all know lawn bowls has a level playing field, that is, regardless of your age and gender (male, female or other). If you can roll a bowl from one end of a rink to the other, you can be competitive.

Little more than 10 years ago, South Toowoomba Bowls Club (STBC) combined the Men & Ladies’ Bowls Clubs, modifying the constitution to include committees for both Men’s & Ladies’ Division plus a management board. Then, one year ago they changed their constitution replacing the two Divisions and the board with a management committee.

All the financial members of the STBC were eligible to nominate to be in the management committee. The management committee would be responsible to encourage and help all members (men and women) equally with social and representative bowls, and other bowls events.

This year STBC have now introduced the club’s inaugural “Open Singles Championship,” open to all their members regardless of age or gender; the first club in the Toowoomba Bowls District to do so.

The winner of each section plus the next best, goes through to the 2nd round, forming 3 sections of 3 players. The winner of each section goes through to the final round, where they play each other.

• First Round Winners: Dudley Schefe, Trevor Green, Roley Wilson, Alby Say, Liz McCleary, Gerard Dwan, Brad Fiedler, Tim Wilson plus Terry Arthur.
• Second Round Winners: Dudley Schefe, Liz McCleary and Brad Fiedler.
The final round was held on 14 August, which was a fabulous day for both the weather and the bowling.

The first game was Dudley v Liz and Liz just had the edge on Dudley, winning with a +5 margin. The next game was Brad v Dudley – again a high standard of bowls. Brad drew 4 lovely shots to win the game with a +1 margin. Third game was Brad v Liz, which became the final as they both had one win each.

They didn’t let us down, the breeze had picked up, the green was quickening and the nerves had kicked in. What a great game, Liz won by 1 shot, giving her two wins and a great way to end the championship.

From all the feedback we received, I am sure we will be doing an Open Championship again next year, and with more participants!

Contributed by Rodney Scollen

Winner Liz McCleary