Winners L-R: 2nd Margo Greiner, lead Judy Stanley, Donna Carr (Sponsor Woodgate Realty) skip Greg Madsen & 3rd Wayne Stanley

Woodgate’s Oceanview Carnival

by bqmedia

It’s carnival season at Woodgate BC, kicking off with the Ocean View Carnival on 4 August.

Prior to the amalgamation of our Men’s and Ladies’ clubs, the Ocean View Carnival was the ladies’ major event for the year. Today, the carnival is co-run, but the ladies take the upper hand in things.

The carnival attracts bowlers from right across our district, as well as some intercity bowlers travelling to beautiful Woodgate for a visit beside the sea.

As our greens overlook the ocean, Ocean View was a given as a carnival name.

Contributed by Lesley Christensen

2nd L-R: 3rd Mike Tull, 2nd Joan Tennant, Donna Carr (Sponsor), lead Fiona Dowling & Skip Clinton Dowling
3rd L-R: Skip Gordon Nuttall, 3rd John Robinson, Donna Carr (Sponsor), 2nd Jane Herd-Evens, lead Dean Kulbar
4th L-R: Skip Robbie Byrnes, 2nd Rhonda Byrnes, lead Krissy Mason, Donna Carr (Sponsor) & 3rd Lee Mason
5th L-R: 3rd. Col Low, Skip Mick Hogan, Donna Carr (Sponsor), lead Judy Hogan & 2nd Wayne Nelson