Gary Holyoak, Sue Long, Graham Nunn

It ain’t over ’til its over!

by bqmedia

We had our club Mixed Triples championship on the 6th of September 2022. Our triples team were 10 nil down after 5 ends and managed to get back to 8-10 down after 10 ends. After 18 ends we were still down 13-16. On the 20th end we were down 13-18.

On the last end, our lead, Sue Long, put a couple of lovely bowls just past the jack, then our second, Graham Nunn, knocked the jack back to Sue’s bowls. The opposition team put a bowl close to the jack to go 1 up on that end. Our skip, Gary Holyoak, with the last bowl of the match, knocked the shot bowl into the ditch and to our disbelief we had 8 shots to win the game 21 to 18.

We are not sure if this is exactly how the last end went but we did get the 8 shots to win 21 to 18.

Contributed by Graham Nunn & Sue Long