Stuart on his way to 2023 Special Olympics

by bqmedia

If you want to meet a wonderful human being, then Stuart Gorton is the person; he wants to enjoy life, have fun, meet and befriend lots of people.

Stuart became involved with bocce through his association with Gaythorne Bowls Club, who have allowed him to use their facilities to practice. He had no real expectations; he just wanted to improve his game and have fun whilst practising. Not content with playing bocce, Stuart now plays lawn bowls, eight ball and table tennis – all at competition level.

Having already represented Australia at previous Special Olympics and Asia Pacific Games, Stuart is just as excited to be going to Germany for the June 2023 Special Olympics as he was the first time he competed internationally. He is practising every Thursday night with a local bocce club and will soon be going to Melbourne for a National Training Camp, where he will meet the other members of the Australian team.

There will be more than 7,000 athletes from around the world converging on Germany to play many sports, of which 66 athletes will be from Australia. The bocce team consists of two female and two male players.

It is important to note that none of these Australian members get any financial support and must do their own fundraising of $9,000 to be able to represent Australia. They even pay for their uniforms themselves.

Stuart has wonderful support from his parents and friends, and members from the Gaythorne Bowls Club are organising some events at the club to support Stuart on this journey. Everyone who meets him soon learns what a wonderful and deserving person he is and we wish him every success in Germany.

Contributed by Graham Skelton