Grant opportunities for Clubs

by bqmedia

Development with RBM David Barnes

The new year is off to a flying start and while many of us are looking at how we can keep our clubs looking modern and well-maintained, we often overlook grant opportunities. Many organisations and government authorities are willing to provide grants as it creates positive community mindedness, advertising and tax advantages.

The challenge for clubs is to grasp these opportunities and take full advantage of what is on offer. Grants come in all shapes and sizes and a great way to get your foot in the door is to make yourself known to councils, local members, state members and federal members. Invite them to come along to a present an award at one of your club’s big days. For example, if your club has an event for Breast Cancer Awareness, invite a member or two along to present the awards. The members then get to touch and feel your club and get an understanding of how important your club is to the broader community.

While they are there, take them for a walk around your club and let them know the plans you have for the future. For example, tell them if you are planning on upgrading the kitchen to serve more meals, improving the function area, updating air conditioning, improving lighting for the greens or refurbishing the restrooms to provide a space for the community.

Continue to invite them and make them feel part of the club, don’t make your invitation a once-off. They will get to know the members and start to understand your plans, then hopefully look at how they can assist you in reaching your goals and plans. If you do happen to receive a grant from one of these members of groups, invite them to come along and open the area. A good idea is to have their name on a plaque to commemorate the opening. EVERYONE loves to see their name on a plaque. The effort you put in can improve the outcome of your efforts.

Lastly, remember there can be a fair bit of work in grant writing so if you are not up to it, find someone who is. You may be surprised by who puts their hand up. If you can’t find anyone at the club, then advertise in the local newspaper or ask members if they know anyone who can help. You never know, there may be someone outside the club who wants to help the community in some way. If you have tried this to no avail and cannot see any other options then, in my opinion, look for a professional grant writer.

While they charge you a fee, it can be well worth it. For example if you apply for a grant for $20,000 and the grant writer charges 5%, you may pay the grant writer $1,000 but your club is still $19,000 better off. With a $100,000 grant, you are $95,000 better off. Many clubs do a great job in this area and they are reaping the benefits. Jump on board the grant writing express. You will be amazed as to where it can take you.


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