Centrepoint Church Deaf Group, with Toombul Bowls Club’s John De Erneste (far right)

New Experience for Centrepoint Church Deaf Group

by bqmedia

Toombul Bowls Club Inc. recently played host to a group of novice, hearing-impaired bowlers of various ages from the Centrepoint Church Deaf Group. These first-timers joined us to learn the fundamentals of lawn bowls.

The event was a new experience for both verbal and non- verbal players. Cheryl, the interpreter, found that while sometimes the messages became mixed, in the end it all became clear and the short game continued in a very jovial manner. The most confusing lesson was the same as for most of us when we all start – the bias. After many laughs and giggles, it was all sorted out.

After lunch at Toombul’s club restaurant, the group was asked if they would like join us on another day. The result was a resounding YES.

Thanks go to John De Erneste, Ethel Foyle, photographer Ronnie Taylor and Ladies President Cathy Collins. Toombul Bowls Club looks forward to hosting a further event such as this, which benefits our community.

Contributed by Cathy Collins, Ronnie Taylor & Ethel Foyle