Laidley’s Eddie Muller – 65 years of enjoying bowls

by bqmedia

On the 8th of April 1958, Eddie Muller paid a fee of one guinea (one pound and one shilling) to join the Lowood Bowls Club. Eddie still has the original receipt (pictured below).

In April of that year, Eddie was made a full member of the club and has kept a copy of the meeting minutes recording his joining of the Lowood Bowls Club. Then, the fee to play a game of bowls was five shillings.

Eddie worked for many years doing different jobs for the club, including rolling and preparing the green for play.

Eddie played lead position in a team for 20 years. He has great memories of playing a format of the game called Cock of the Walk (he was the first player to win 10 shots). He won for seven years running, then retired undefeated.

Over the years, Eddie has won the singles, pairs and fours competitions multiple times.

Eddie was also Patron of the Lowood Bowls Club for seven years.

In 1992, Eddie and his family moved to Gatton, where he played bowls for several years and won many competitions. While there, he played lead position for his skip (Brett Wilkie) when they played Pennants for the club.

Several years later, Eddie went to the Laidley Bowls Club to play a game of bowls and the rest is history. He still plays there today, where he enjoys the friendship of his fellow bowlers.

Eddie uses the original bowls he purchased in 1958 from the McDonnell and East department store in Brisbane. When asked what he paid for his bowls, Eddie replied, “I think it was about £28 – not bad at less than 10 shillings per year over 65 years”.

Contributed by Pat Morgan

Eddie Muller with his bowls bought in 1958
Eddie’s first club membership (1958) receipt