Pammie pumped for Cottrell clash

by admin on April 1, 2014

Pam Rowe will have a huge challenge when she takes on Commonwealth Games rep Kelsey Cottrell. Queensland’s Pam Rowe will face her toughest test so far at this year’s Australian Sides when she takes on (and hopefully takes out) former Queensland star and Commonwealth Games champion, Kelsey Cottrell, during tomorrow’s Round 4 clash at South Burnie Bowls Club.
Rowe, who has won three from four in her debut appearance as skip for Queensland, faces one of New South Wales’ most formidable outfits in what has become a must-win match for Queensland.
Together with her trusted lieutenants of Natasha Jones, Christina Pavlov and Rosie Lovelock, Rowe will go to battle with Cottrell’s all-star side of Sarah Boddington, Beth Quinlan and Claire Turley. 
But is she worried? Not a bit! 
“Kelsey who?” Rowe joked when asked about taking on the world champion skip. 
“I’ve never actually skipped a game against Kelsey before, but I have played against her for Queensland previously, so I know it’s going to be a really hard game. 
“Playing ditch to ditch on these heavy greens is quite a task, but the girls have been going really well, so we’ll go into tomorrow’s match full of confidence.” 
Rowe’s rink was the star performer in Queensland’s wins over Northern Territory and Victoria. 
But it hasn’t all been plain sailing, with a mishap in Queensland’s opener against Tasmania proving costly for the Maroons. 
“Let’s not talk about the Tasmania game,” Rowe says, when asked about her decisive final bowl. 
“Overall we didn’t do too bad. We were behind by eight or nine at one stage, but we clawed our way back into it. 
“In the last end (on the last bowl) we were holding one, but we were about five down behind so I tried to play behind, but for some reason the bowl turned on me. 
“It was the only time it turned all game, it just happened at the worst time. Unfortunately I had the weight to be behind, but I took our shot bowl out instead.
“It was a bit of a nightmare really. I’m trying to forget about it.” 
While not the best start to her Queensland skip career, Rowe came out fighting in her following tests. 
Against NT her girls played like a team possessed, battling for every point, even down the last bowl when they were already 30 shots up. 
Against Victoria, Rowe’s was the only Queensland rink to win, beating Elise Cowan’s four 28-20, while her team clocked up a third consecutive win (20-15) in Queensland’s 64-51 victory over ACT this afternoon. 
“We were definitely a bit fired up because of it (the Tasmanian incident), so we went hard against Northern Territory and Victoria. 
“I’m just so relaxed playing with the girls in front of me, they’ve been playing brilliantly and they’re so supportive, so that really makes my job a lot easier.” 
And she hasn’t given up hope of a Queensland win either. 
“You never know how the cookie crumbles. A couple of upsets have happened across the board, so I wouldn’t say we’re out of it yet. 
“There’s definitely a chance to finish in the medals and there’s also the overall best performed state title. 
“We’re not finished yet.” 
Of course Rowe’s rink isn’t the only one in action for Queensland tomorrow. 
Lynsey Clarke has the daunting task of taking on Aussie teammate Karen Murphy in Round 4. 
Murphy has another former Queensland star in her ranks, with Julie Keegan playing third for the NSW outfit, alongside Kay Moran and Arleen Jeffery. 
Clarke’s young side of Kristy Thatcher, Bolivia Millerick and Charlie Harkness have been going well at the Sides to date, boasting wins over NT and ACT, plus they almost came back to defeat Victoria this morning, but the NSW clash could just be their biggest of the tournament so far. 
Louise Witton will be hoping to take her first win for Queensland against NSW in the morning.
Witton’s side of Sammie Wilson, Yvonne Lovelock and Tracey Foster have had a tough time so far, dropping all four games. 
But they haven’t been far off the pace and tomorrow they face Natasha Scott, who Witton has already beaten in the Super 6 series, so it’s shaping up to be a top match. 
Queensland take on NSW at Tasmania’s South Burnie Bowls Club at 9am tomorrow.