Fantastic Four’s back-to-back blitz

by admin on May 13, 2014

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After defeating last year’s runners up 24-17 in the semis, Millerick, her sister Cass with Lynn Long and Karen Goldsworthy, were determined to retain the trophy they won twelve months ago.
Standing in their way was the experienced side of Leigh Fortington, Judy Whaites, Gail Crompton led by 2013 State Singles champ Marilyn Emerton.
Emerton took an early 5-0 lead as the rain hailed down from the grey heavens.
“They certainly started on fire, but it made us play better,” said joyous skip Millerick.
“The rain made it hard for everyone but we seemed to handle it better.”
Emerton was pleased with her team’s start but felt the rain unsettled them.
“It was soaking wet before we went out, the rain was like a waterfall, it was quite uncomfortable.”
Millerick, with her usual effervescence and natural leadership, steered her ship back on course, picking up three after six ends to lead 9-8.
“We just kept going and doing what we were doing”
“But wanted to make it better. I just kept encouraging my girls.”
Her words did the trick as they powered to a 17-8 lead.
As the rain eased up Millerick and her crew didn’t, keeping their foot on the gas they romped to a 24-10 lead.
Sitting pretty at 27-14, Millerick found herself one down in the 18th end, she drew the shot and placed the pressure back on Emerton.
It was a shot too many and Emerton, graceful in defeat, offered Millerick a handshake to concede the final.
“I’m just so proud of my girls,” said the winning skip in a celebratory mood. “Back to back Fours titles is pretty amazing.”
Despite the loss, Emerton was in high spirits.
“We never gave up, but we were never going to come back from 28-14 in three ends.”
“The opposition did their job and the Millerick twins are the future of our sport, it’s a wonderful thing they have done winning back to back titles.”
With the shield still in their possession, Bolivia and the rest of the girls can look forward to the rest of the tournament with great confidence.

Women’s State Fours Final result:

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Cassandra Millerick, Lynn Long, Karen Goldsworthy, Bolivia Millerick 28 def
Gail Crompton, Judy Whaites, Leigh Fortington, Marilyn Emerton 14