Best game ever

by admin on May 21, 2016

Both the Millerick and McAnelly sides agree it was the best game they’ve ever played, but only one could win the title… State Women’s Pairs GOLD – Cassandra & Bolivia Millerick (Caloundra)
State Women’s Pairs SILVER – Jenny Lonie & Robyn McAnelly (Tewantin Noosa)
TIE-THIRD (semi finalists)
Margaret Wardrop (West Cairns) & Dee-Anne Robertson (Broadbeach)
Sarah Duffield & Amanda Haevecker (Helensvale)
From the outset it was the “Match of the Day’, the two sides with only a shadow between them from the outset.
“The scoring was so low, I looked over and saw the men’s score was like 19-7 and we were down one shot on 6-5, it was just a single either way the whole way,” winning skip Bolivia Millerick said.
“It’s so awesome to win, we’re thrilled, stoked.”
“It’s the best game I’ve ever played!” Cassandra Millerick said.
“It’s the best game I’ve ever played, also,” silver medal skip Robyn McAnelly said,” Jenny and I are elated!”
“I considered giving up bowls before this game but I’m not going to now…we’ll be back next year!”
The twins had already won State Triples this year with their good friend Karen Goldsworthy and they were delighted to win a second title, their first-ever State Pairs title, and in front of their father Frank, who couldn’t have been more delighted and proud.
For Robyn, it was her first State Championships in five years, after breaking her ankle, but when her Tewantin Noosa club mate Jenny Lonie said “Let’s have a go,” she agreed, and the rest is history.
It was the toughest match from the outset, the other pairs finals finishing hard and exciting, but the Women’s Pairs had the crowd on the edge of their seats from the outset, the low score reflecting how tightly held the game was.
The first 14 ends were a study in concentration for both sides, with only singles scored, the score Millerick 8, McAnelly 7, with two thirds of the game over.
The last seven ends were just as tough, but the scoring opened up a bit, and nobody could have picked who would be ahead at the end of the 21st.
The twins picked up two on the 15th and 16th, opening up a 12-7 lead.
McAnelly replied with a single and a three, the score now 11-12, with only three ends to go.
Millerick made one, 13-11; McAnelly answered with three, 14-13, to go into the final end with a one-shot advantage.
There was disbelief and relief for the twins when they scratched up two on the final end, to win the 2016 State Women’s Pairs title 15-14.
As Robyn McAnelly said in her acceptance speech “Bowls was the winner today, the final was a cracker, there was only one thing wrong with it, we didn’t win…”
The twins canine friend Rodney (Mel Larcombe from Broadbeach’s dog) reckoned he could pick the winner – he crooned for the twins as they finished their final end and was rewarded with a scruff and a pat.