Maroon men lead the way

by admin on October 16, 2017

Queensland men sit at the top of the leaderboard at the 2017  Senior Sides Championships.

After day one of the competition Queensland has cemented it’s place at the top of the men’s competition ladder after a four shot victory over rivals New South Wales.

Geoff Maskell and Neville Jenkins were victorious for the Maroons, while NSW legend Rex Johnston continued his solid run to pick up NSW’s sole rink victory in the afternoon session, downing QLD’s Trevor Broadbent 18-11.

While in the women’s ladder after topping the ladder after a strong showing against the Northern Territory the Queenslanders found themselves in fourth place after taking on New South Wales in the second session of the day.

NSW women flipped the men’s results around, getting past Queensland by just four shots to nail down the top spot on the table. Carolyn Glen and Beth Quinlan had stellar performances winning by seven shots and six shots each, while Christina Pavlov’s rink was the sole winner for the Kookaburras.

Today’s two sessions will see Queensland take on ACT in the morning before playing against Western Australia in the afternoon.

Round one men’s results:

South Australia def Tasmania 67-52
SA (Harvey) def TAS (Docking) 22-12
SA (Holtham) def TAS (Allford) 22-15
SA (Gageler) lost to TAS (Manson) 23-25

ACT def New South Wales 71-60
ACT (Deeves) lost to NSW (Johnston) 19-26
ACT (Brookman) def NSW (Lambourne) 32-14
ACT (Taylor) drew with NSW (Stone) 20-20

Queensland def Northern Territory 78-43
NT (Farrell) lost to QLD (Broadbent) 19-21
NT (Fair) lost to QLD (Jenkins) 14-28
NT (Parsonson) lost to QLD (Maskell) 10-29

Western Australia def Victoria 56-53
VIC (Donaldson) lost to WA (Caffell) 10-22
VIC (Ross) def WA (Ball) 20-19
VIC (Jansen)def WA (O’Neill) 23-15

Round one women’s results:

South Australia def Tasmania 59-58
SA (Caulfield) lost to TAS (Saunders) 10-23
SA (Richards) def TAS (Guy) 32-14
SA (Treloar) lost to TAS (Monson) 17-21

New South Wales def ACT 66-59
ACT (Clout) drew with NSW (Glen) 23 – 23
ACT (Bannerman) lost to NSW (Quinlan) 16-22
ACT (Gillespie) lost to NSW (Smith) 20-21

Queensland def Northern Territory 89-24
NT (Bielek) lost to QLD (Ryan) 9-31
NT (Tyrell) lost to QLD (Witton) 9-29
NT (Garner) lost to QLD (Pavlov) 6-29

Western Australia def Victoria 61-56
VIC (Miles) def WA (Abe) 21-19
VIC (Tragardh) def WA (Poletti) 23-14
VIC (Edwards) lost to WA (Baker) 12-28

Round Two results

Round two men’s results:
South Australia tied with Victoria 52-52
SA (Harvey) def VIC (Donaldson) 20-15
SA (Holtham) lost to VIC (Ross) 15-17
SA (Gageler) lost to VIC (Jansen) 17-20

ACT tied with Northern Territory 48-48
ACT (Deeves) def NT (Farrell) 15-14
ACT (Brookman) lost to NT (Fair) 13-18
ACT (Taylor) def NT (Parsonson) 20-16

Queensland def New South Wales 62-58
NSW (Johnston) def QLD (Broadbent) 18-11
NSW (Lambourne) lost to QLD (Jenkins) 20-27
NSW (Stone) lost to QLD (Maskell) 20-24

Tasmania def Western Australia 63-59
TAS (Docking) lost to WA (Caffell) 14-22
TAS (Allford) def WA (Ball) 30-18
TAS (Manson) tied with WA (O’Neill) 19-19

Round two women’s results:

South Australia def Victoria 68-51
SA (Caulfield) lost to VIC (Miles) 10-20
SA (Richards) def VIC (Tragardh) 27-15
SA (Treloar) def VIC (Edwards) 31-16

New South Wales def Queensland 60-52
QLD (Ryan) lost to NSW (Glen) 19 – 26
QLD (Witton) lost to NSW (Quinlan) 20-14
QLD (Pavlov) def NSW (Smith) 19-14

ACT def Northern Territory 63-42
NT (Bielek) lost to ACT (Clout) 13-20
NT (Tyrell) lost to ACT (Bannerman) 19-20
NT (Garner) lost to ACT (Gillespie) 10-23

Western Australia def Tasmania 74-47
TAS (Saunders) lost to WA (Abe) 8-25
TAS (Guy) def WA (Poletti) 27-17
TAS (Monson) lost to WA (Baker) 12-32

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