A refreshing redevelopment

by admin on September 20, 2018

Sandgate Bowls Club hopes its plan to install a microbrewery and update the club will breathe new life into the club.

The 104-year-old Sandgate Bowls Club hopes a proposed plan submitted to the Brisbane City Council to install a microbrewery and update the club will breathe new life into the beleaguered bowlo.
The club plans to install seven brew vats, a beer hall with bench-style seating for 96 people, an outdoor kids zone and an arbour with seating for 98 overlooking the two greens along Keogh St as part of a major refurbishment of the facilities.

The proposal given to the council would allow the club to produce beer three days a week and with no plans to can or bottle the beer it would be sold primarily to members and have limited distribution.

Sandgate’s chairman Ian Connell said the club had signed an agreement with SandgateBrewing Company to upgrade the facility which he says will help make the club’s future more secure.

“The club was built back in the 70s and it has stayed that way ever since so it isn’t overly appealing to new customers at the moment,” Connell said.

“We have about 110 members, if we keep on heading the way we are at the moment working voluntarily behind the bar etc… we could do it and stay profitable but we could only do it for so long.”

The planned upgrade has helped reassure the club’s members following its forced closure on January, 9 after Sandgate RSL Memorial Club, who the club leased its facilities off, went into voluntary liquidation.

“It was initially put to the RSL Memorial Club but after its liquidation, we jumped on the wagon and approached the brewhouse people,” he said.

“As well as the beer aspect we’re also having a new kitchen put in so we’ll be serving great food and we’ll also have live music on some days.

“Sandgate is crying out for a decent club and a family friendly club and that’s what we will be, we will not have poker machines.”

The council has not yet given the final go-ahead to the plans yet but community support has been positive and the club’s public consultation received no rejections, however, there still remains a number of hoops the club must go through before they can turn their plans into reality.