A God Among Men

by jgrey on March 27, 2020

The Greeks had Heracles (son of Zeus), the slaves of Rome had Spartacus, the Vikings, Thor, and now Pialba has Macca.

The following tongue-in-cheek account was not found on an ancient text, but it was in Pialba Bowls Club’s newsletter after their Division 2 team won a game in East Bundaberg.

“Just Imagine.

The Division 2 game in Bundaberg last Saturday.

The club, bowlers, and spectators hang on a breath.

The air is electric.

Spectators gather for an outcome.

Three games all, and the last game is 16 a piece on the 21st end.

A decider end is required to finalise the game and determine who wins this hard-fought battle on a sea of green.

Four bowlers have focused once again and mounted up for the final end to win the battle, and indeed the war.

A line has been drawn in the sand.

Away from the noise of heavy breathing combatants, a mild-mannered Pialba stalwart quietly forms his plan to ensure the flag is hoisted for Pialba, regardless of consequence to his body, mind, and spirit.
(Some may question the mind bit.)

Honour is on the line and deep reserves are called upon.

Stepping forward, wiping sweat from his brow is a warrior of concentration and supreme foresight which transcends imagination, pain, and honour (yes, we do have such a bowler).

Standing on a single white island, a bowl is delivered crossing the sea of green emerald, it delivers with it a message in this battle which cannot be undone and secures an unchangeable outcome.

Triumphantly a lone warrior walks away from his white island of solitude. The gods have smiled.

Onlookers are left speechless and suddenly quiet, some are unbelieving or simply in awe and begin cheering as a single and deadly blow has been delivered to seal an outcome for Pialba.

A humble bowler quietly slips away.
The jack sits in the ditch with the toucher bowl beside the jack.

A bowl that cannot be beaten, ensuring a Pialba Divisions 2 win in Bundaberg.

Who was this mountain man ably supported by his skip, a man who delivered a strike that will forever be left in the memories of a proud Bundaberg club? (I believe social workers have been called upon to help counsel the Bundaberg bowlers.)

Modesty will not allow this hero among men to respond to questions, any who try are met by stony silence and a questioning face.

Jungle Drums have been beating, however, and the Phantom can reveal his pygmies have named this mountain man as our own Macca McDonald.

I hereby recommend that the Pialba Bowls Club set aside sufficient funds to support the casting and erection of a life-size bronze statue of this team to be erected at the front door of the Pialba Bowls Club.

Please support Phantom.”