UPDATE – Easing of COVID-19 restrictions (19 May 2020)

by jgrey on May 19, 2020

All previous exemptions have been superseded by this advice, dated 19 May 2020.

Queensland Health have now retracted the document that Bowls Queensland sent out to all clubs on Friday night. We have been advised that the QLD Chief Health Officer’s (CHO) position has changed over the weekend in relation to this advice and revised their position. Unfortunately this is out of Bowls Queensland’s hands, this is a direction of Dr Jeannette Young (CHO).

Thus, now the previous information in regard to roll ups has been suspended and replaced by the following:

“Community facilities includes places such as recreation centres and lawn bowls, tennis and golf clubs. Community facilities does not include public spaces such as parklands or walking tracks.

“Groups of up to 10 patrons can be present at community facilities. The total number of up to 10 patrons is for the entire premises or venue, and the premises must be able to accommodate one person per 4 square metres and appropriate social distancing for patrons and any staff required to be present on site (for example to open the facility).

“Some community facilities have large outdoor areas, with multiple fields, courts or greens that could accommodate more than 10 people on each court, field or green. However, please maintain up to 10 patrons for the entire premises.”

Click here to see the relevant page of the revised document from Queensland Health.

This also extends to if the facility has an indoor and outdoor area, there should be no more than a total of 10 patrons across both indoor and outdoor areas. For example, an additional 10 patrons cannot be inside the club dining, if there are people outdoors rolling up.

Please find attached the full updated wording from QLD Health. Also please click on the link for Bowls Queensland’s revised “Return to Roll Up Plan”.

No competitions are permitted under stage 1. Any Club that breaches this may jeopardise the continuing alliance they have within the State membership.

All previous exemptions have been superseded by this advice.