by jgrey on July 6, 2020

The Waves Sports Complex in Bundaberg has been given a new lease on life following the completion of its big renovation project which was finished off last month.

The club now features an all-new gaming area featuring a gaming lounge with a trendy bar included in the design, the renovation included an extension to the gaming room and a reduction of machines in the venue from 221 to 180.

The renovations have also added a new cashier, new designated outdoor smoking area, new card swipe members access, new carpet, gaming bases, gaming privacy screens and new lighting.

Chief executive Brendan Royall said It’s a big, exciting project for The Waves team and one that has been on the list of things to do since 2018.

“We decided to renovate the gaming room as it was the last area of the club that hadn’t been refurbished since our major redevelopment in 2009-10,” Brendan said.

“The board and management conduct strategic planning every two years and the gaming renovation was an ‘action item’ that was decided on at our 2018 strategic planning workshop.”

The club’s members have also been treated to two new state-of-the-art synthetic bowling greens which have only recently been completed.

The Waves Men’s Bowls Club president Keith Jobling says the upgrade to synthetic greens was one of the biggest investments the club had seen, however, Keith says the surface would see them realise significant annual savings of more than $100,000 per year.

“We haven’t got to spray for algae anymore – we used to have a lot of trouble with that,” Keith said.

“We will save a lot not having to buy the sprays or fertilisers.

“It’s going to make a big difference.”

The Waves Bowls Club’s new synthetic turf will allow for better games to be played as the greens will have a more stable pace for bowlers with the new green running an average of 15.5 seconds.

The installation of the latest synthetic greens along with internal renovations have added to the club’s appeal for bowlers, the club’s members are now anxiously waiting for the COVID-19 regulations to ease, so they can return to roll up once again.