Fantastic to win with a friend

by jgrey on October 22, 2020

Women’s Over 60 Pairs

Karen Goldsworthy and Merrill Ahern defeated Wendy Jones and Kate Leverton 17-13 in the semi-finals while Linda Mitchell and Christine Russell defeated Louise Witton and Brenda Thompson 24-15. The final game saw Goldsworthy and Ahern picking up 7 shots to Russell and Mitchell’s 4 by the sixth end. It was a back and forth game with Goldsworthy and Ahern increasing their lead. The game ended with a 10-point difference to Goldsworthy and Ahern, a 24-14 score.

“I’m over the moon,” Karen said.

“Merrill played great the whole way through, especially in our sectional as I was really tired because of the fours final the day before that.

“When the rain came and we had to come in on the carpet, it took us a few ends to settle down.

“It’s fantastic to win and fantastic to win with Merrill. She played beautifully. Beautiful bowls.

“I’ve got Singles tomorrow and I’m a bit tired. But a good night’s sleep and I’ll be out again tomorrow.

“It’s so good to be out here playing. It’s amazing.

“It’s been fantastic.

“I’m just so happy to win and happy to win with a friend.”

“I’m really happy, relieved and tired,” Merrill said.

“Karen and I have been friends for a long time so this is a really lovely way to win.

“I’m really fortunate, I play with lovely ladies and my two sisters so I’ve got the best of both worlds.

“Bowls is bowls, you do your best and if it doesn’t work out on the day, well then there’s always tomorrow.

“Tonight I’m getting a takeaway not cooking, have a little wine and a small celebration with a good night’s sleep.”