“It’s been wonderful” say QBBA Pairs champions Morrison and Wormald

by jgrey on October 30, 2020

QBBA Vision Impaired Pairs

After retiring from competition bowls two years ago, Marion Morrison came into this competition because they were one short to play pairs with Dennis Wormald. While they had played against each other before in the Australian Open, the pair had only played together once or twice before over the years, with Marion and Dennis being in different categories. Marion is B3 while Dennis is B4.

Marion and Dennis took on Jake Fehlberg and Vanessa Hinton in the Gold Medal match and won 21-11.

“They needed a partner and I’d kept my sight classification up for that reason and I was invited in,” Marion said.

“It was very special.

“We had to concentrate on the wind, the width of the green changed considerably with the wind.

“My original director Beatrice was sick at lunchtime, so Angie Denham took over and that was special too.

“I’ve never worked with Angie before but she was very good, I just told her what I needed and she was great.

“Of course, Dennis’ director is Bob Denham, Angie’s husband, so they worked well together so it worked for us.

“It’s been good but it’s been a tough battle,” Dennis said.

“I take my hat off to Jake as he’s a B1 and they work very well together.

“Jake’s worked very hard and they did a great job.

“I found the bottom green very heavy, there’s a big difference in the grass weight, the line was different to the two top greens as well.

“We managed but it was definitely a challenge.

“The thing is that you haven’t got much time to adapt to the difference in greens, we’ve only got 15 ends so you’ve really got to focus and get it within two to three ends at the most.

“If you don’t get it after two to three ends, it really becomes a struggle.

Helen Boardman and Fred Tarry won the bronze medal.

Congratulations to Jake Fehlberg who won the QBBA best most improved player for the fifth time.