Thank you, Gwen

by bqmedia on November 18, 2021

By Lesley Bates

Our North Queensland District Ladies’ President, Gwen Thomas, has continuously served on the board since 2006 as Junior Vice, Senior Vice, Match Chair and Selector.

At our October Delegates’ meeting, Gwen stepped aside as she plans to devote time in her recently elected roll as Ladies’ President of Jubilee Club and their 41 female bowlers. She passed on her well wishes for the district’s future and sincerely thanked all who helped in making her tenure successful and rewarding, as well as the friendships that have been formed over many years.

Gwen’s commitment to serving her district was exemplified in her latest report for the month, mentioning her attendance of:

  • Four days at the Premier Cup in Ayr (also playing as a reserve for Jubilee)
  • Wangaratta’s President’s Day
  • Gwen’s own President’s Day held at Jubilee
  • A day trip to Brisbane to attend the Bowls Queensland Meeting as North Queensland Ladies’ District Delegate.

Gwen has been involved with the bowls community since 1994 when she joined Collinsville. In 1996 she qualified as an umpire, held the role of Ladies’ president at Cutheringa until the laies’ section folded and joined Jubilee where she was a selector. It’s a certainty that Gwen will still contribute to the district and add valuable input to Jubilee with grant writing, general organisation, recruitment of sponsors plus have extra time to devote to honing her own game.

I am always amazed at her awesome colour coordination of her outfits with her stunning manicured and painted nails. Gwen is a living legend amongst her peers and the bowling hierarchy. She has certainly helped and encouraged me over the last three years and has championed the role of Regional Bowls Managers. Thank you, Gwen.