Some of the newly accredited and reaccredited members at North Mackay Bowls Club, pictured with BQ’s Joan Brotherton

Accreditations in Mackay

by bqmedia on December 4, 2021

By Joan Brotherton

BQ Umpire Coordinator, John Kirkpatrick and I travelled to Mackay to conduct accreditations and reaccreditations on the weekend of October 16-17.

After meeting everyone at the North Mackay Bowls Club, we set up measuring stations for members to complete their required accreditation or reaccreditation component. Members were required to go through each measuring station with demonstrations, practice and examining on the use of the correct equipment needed for measuring the various shots at each station.

This was followed by the reaccreditation theory exams, while the accreditation candidates worked on theory needed for the marking/measuring/umpiring components, then completed their own exams. On green activities/exams regarding marking were then conducted and discussions held on the officiating structure in Australia, the tiers of administration across bowls and the various conditions of play that relate to each tier.

It was a very enjoyable visit and various issues, questions, laws and many items were covered during our stay and we thank all the officials and members that always welcomed and assisted us, it was very much appreciated.