Fifteen contestants attended Buderim Bowls Club for the recent advanced skills day run by the SCD Coaches ,with a good feed back by all who attended

Coaching with BQ Coaching Committee – Important Courses

by bqmedia on March 8, 2022

By Dennis O’Toole


Choosing selectors and the process of selecting the best and most compatible teams remains an issue throughout all levels of lawn bowls.

Our State coaches and presenters & assessors suggest that more clubs and districts attend the Selection Module that is available to everyone.

This module makes particular reference to a selection policy outlining the goals of the clubs or districts, the preferable people to become selectors and the method the selectors will use to pick the playing group.

There will also be focus on conflict that could arise, and a method of prevention, along with the right to appeal decisions and the correct way to go about it.

Please consider the advantages of this Selection Module as there is a lot to be gained.


Another major incentive by the State coaches is the availability of a Coaches’ Workshop. This workshop focuses on the coach’s own skills and collective observations from the whole group.

The focus throughout this program is to:-

  1. ensure coaches understand the fundamentals of the sport,
  2. know the difference between technique and style,
  3. produce effective methods of utilising the constants required and the variable way players are able to develop their own delivery sequence,
  4. emphasise communication and the use of teaching with sports methodology,
  5. enact specialised training with a purpose to players’ pursuit of perfection,
  6. setting of goals to produce higher performance by following a definite scored process.It is in clubs’ and districts’ interests to attend these two programs.


Duty of care is a legal responsibility that you owe your players to keep them safe and look after their well being. It is not something to fear but rather a tool employed to keep you diligent.

Prevention is better than the cure. Plan well in an endeavour to foresee any risks, err on the side of caution and let common sense guide you.


  • Surat BC Club Coach – April 9-10
  • Surat BC Skills & Bowling Arm – April 4