Queensland High Performance Academy Training Plans and Program

High Performance Academy content for 2023: Training Plans and Program for every Squad Member

  • Foundational skill development (acquisition, progression, execution);
  • Routine development and commitment gauge;
  • Positive reinforcement, learning experiences and growth (developing self belief and self confidence).

Group Education Sessions (delivered virtually and/or in person when time permits)

  • Game Plans, Strategy and Tactics;
  • Effective Communication;
  • Fitness and NutritionBody Language;
  • Resilience and Growth Mindset.

Team Building activities (virtual and/or in person when time permits)

  • Increase knowledge and value of teamwork’WE’ over ‘ME’ mentality;
  • Group Connection PageSharing of success and motivational pieces;
  • Staying connected (decentralised program).

Opportunity for coach mentorship access (one on one) when required

  • Support, advice and guidance;
  • Shared experience.

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